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Just in case it wasn't known to your knowledge.
'Love.' - Single quote Which are these ' ' are a thought
"Love" - Inverted Commas are these " " which means talking

You were walking through the sewers with Leonardo. You and him were going to get some Rita's from the new stand near their home up above. 'Idk why but since I was remembering that memory of me and leo..I feel all tingly inside. Like theirs butterflies in my lungs. Is it wrong to feel this way about someone else while your in love and in relations with another? I feel guilty. But I mean, even though i'm head over heals for Raphael. I just..there's a part of me that still Loves Leonardo. I'm staying with Raphael. but its just..confusing i guess-" you thoughts were cut off by leonardo's words. "You ok y/n?" "Oh yea i'm fine, just thinnkiinn'." you sung. He smiled "Thinking about what?" "Oh just life. Is all." 'Love life..' you corrected yourself. 'I feel kinda weird sometimes. Not like a feel funny, More like I'm completely different from other people. I mean Girls are always talking about how they love boys like Zac efron or Justin Beiber. And i'm dating a Mutant turtle that knows ninjitsue and lifts weights for fun. I kinda feel like a racist talking about this; i'm not sure why. I just...Ugh why am I even explaining this to myself. I'm me. I know myself -.-' "y/n.." "Yea?" you answered sweetly. "you look..mad. Are you sure your alright." You smiled at him "Its all good in the hood." "if your sure." "I am." You looked up at him as you smiled big. "Sooo..How you been." you asked trying to start conversation. "eh i've been alright. Not to much has happened lately. Nothing so far has matched how you traveled through time." You laughed as you looked down as you put a piece of hair behind your ear. You then looked straight ahead as you found a ladder. "Hey can we use this ladder." "yea sure; but how about I go first. Manhole's can be tricky sometimes." "k-k" you waited as he climbed up the ladder and removed the manhole so that way it was accessible for you. He looked around in the alley to see where he was. He was in central NYC (in an alley) in the big Apple. You were crawling out of the manhole as your palms were on the warm pavement helping yourself up out of the hole. You plopped your butt on the ground as you swung your legs out of it as your sneakers bottoms met the blackened ground. You; still sitting on the ground move your legs into a Pretzel style while hunching your back over to your front as you scratched the manhole across the pavement to get it back over the hole. Once it fell into place you stood up and walked over to Leo who was staring at the people with his hand on the wall. He was watching the people cross streets, driving cars, Handing out flyers, selling Hot Dogs, stands for tourists with I heart NYC shirts, hats, key chains etc. "you ok yourself?" you asked him. "I don't know if this is such a good idea anymore. I know they've seen me on television but that doesn't mean that they're not gonna scream and run away. Maybe i should just go home." he said as he then looked at you with those last words. "awe come on Leo. Raph walks me to school all the time. It'll be fun :D" you smiled. "He walks you to school?" "well yea." Leo looked away from you "he just doesnt listen does he." he mumbled. "whatcha say?" you asked. "Oh nothing um. Do you really wanna walk around and be seen with me." "Yea boi." leo sighed with his eyes closed then opened them again as his eyes shined jewel blues. "Aright." you walked out of the alleyway into the crowd of people standing in the middle of it all. "Come on, Leo!" you shouted through the hustling and bustling. "Leo! Leo! Leo! Leo!" you chanted like a cheerleader. He chuckled and then presented himself to the entire world. People stared as they stopped to look at him. He felt like a freak at a circus being judged. He looked to the sky then to the ground avoiding eye contact with people. Then a little boy came up to him about 5 years old. He tugged on Leo's shorts. Leo looked at the boy without a smile. "Mr...Can I have your AuwtoGrwaph pwlease." He smiled as he bent down to be at eye level with the little Swedish looking boy with eyes as bright as Leo's. Leo took the paper gently from the boy and signed with his Rugrats Pen. Leo signed his whole name. I mean only the word Leonardo XD. Then a little girl came up not saying anything with a pencil and paper; such a shy little thing. She held out her paper and pencil to him as she looked down. He chuckled which made her blush. he signed her paper with joy. Then a man with fairly long dirty blondish hair came up with his surf board "hey turtle bude, mind signin' my wave crusher." Leo smiled "Sure" That was the first time anyone really ever heard him talk (Besides you). He signed the board with a squeaky sounding Perm. Marker. "Hey whats your name?" Some blond girl with big looking boobs asked and short shorts and a green tank top. "Leonardo." Her friends followed behind her as well. "Can i feel you muscle Leonardo?" "Um sure i guess." She squished it with her manicured nails. "That's so Ratchet.." 'Does this girl even know what Ratchet means?' you asked yourself. These girls were honestly all over him. Touching his shell to see what it feels like. Touching his muscles. Put their hands against his cause well duh..he has 3 fingers XD It was pissing you off. You felt your face become red with anger. You stormed off. Leo saw you walk away from the crowd. "wait..Y/N! WAIT!" He yelled as you got further and further. He then resorted to moving people out of the way; but not meanly at all. He then jogged over to you. "Y/N..Whats wrong? Why did you leave and why didn't you answer me?" You sighed as you looked away. You were feeling pressured cause you weren't sure what that mood swing was about. You felt your eyes become hot and misty. 'damnit.' you thought "I hate being a girl" you said as you wiped your eye with your inner wrist. "Hey-hey (He stopped in front of you. You looked away from him)" He bent down to your eye level. "Why are you crying?" "i'm not...Its allergies." "Then why won't you look at me." You looked at him with your hand on your hip. "See..Just allergies." you said with a sniff. "I need to use the bathroom you" said as you entered the McDonald's next to you. You shoved the door open as you ran into the nearest stall. You put your hands over your face as you sat on the toilet with your pants still on. You rubbed your face and sat back against the backing of the Toilet. You weren't crying but you were feeling this intense emotional feeling. Its not a new feeling but it was always hard to explain it. Even to yourself. You then unlocked the stall and looked at yourself in the mirror. You fixed your hair a bit with just a dab of water and then left the restrooms to see Leo swarmed by People. Once again. And a Latino with Big brown eyes and glossy hair along with shimmering lips was really touchy with him. Your blood was boiling again. Your one eye was squinting as the other; not so much. "Leo, lets go." you pretty much commanded as you left the place. He squeezed himself out of the crowd of people as he finally made it to the door. He had some followers that followed him out the door and into the crowd of people walking on the sidewalk. He walked beside you as you two were on your way to Rita's. "Ya alright their girly?" he asked. "Yea i'm better now" "What happened earlier." "I'm not that sure. Maybe its just my period coming." He nodded understanding. You two finally made it to Rita's. A working Rita's employee's girl's back was facing you two. "Hello and (She starts to turn around) what can i-i-i- get for you..two." She was shocked to see Leonardo. "I'll have a vanilla Ice Custard" you ordered. "I think i'll havvvvee..A mango Italian ice." Leonardo ordered. "How big do you want your custard." "regular is fine." "And for you..sir" "I'll have a regular too." "okie dokie." You looked over your shoulder to see people staring as they walked on by. Lots of people were taking pictures too. A photographer showed up taking pictures. As You and Leo got your desserts you asked Leo for a bite of his. You never had mango before. He said "Alright, as long as i get a bite of yours." You two spoon fed each other One spoonful of each flavor. And at the moment when you were both biting each other's spoons A flash went off; one brighter than the average Cell phone camera.

About 30 minutes Later, you two were sitting on the edge of a building enjoying the sky, the city, and just everything. You were still eating your custard as he leaned backwards on his hands; like a lounging position. He then laid down on his shell and looked up at the sky. You looked behind you cause you heard a clack against rooftop. Which was Leo's shell. He put his arm behind his head in a relaxed position. You saw the muscles ripped all along his side also under his armpit and above. With the sun setting there was allot of definition being shown. You laid on your back next to him as you were still looking at him then your eyes moved to the sky. The sky was like a cotton candy wonderland iced in Gold. You could see a crescent moon high up in the sky while the sun was starting to hide itself behind buildings low to the ground. You smiled without your teeth showing as you felt content. Then you heard scratching of pavement. You looked beside you to see Leo's shell was being dragged by Raph's hand whom was walking away from you. Leo sighed and then flipped himself up and out of Raph's grasp and his body went over Raphael's head. "Raphael, what do you think your doing?" Leonardo demanded an answer. "Don't demand anything from me as if I'm your Splinter. I should be asking what your doing with my woman!" "You Don't own her Raphael." "You don't know what I own or don't own!" "SO you admit that you think you own her?!" "I didn't that say that. Stop throwing shit in my mouth and thinking i said them." "Raphael..Its not a big deal." you said trying to comfort him. "STAY OUT OF THIS!" He spat at you. You jolted back as if his voice physically pushed you backwards. Leo saw you jump and it made his blood boil that His so called brother would yell at you like that. "Don't yell at her! She didn't do a damn thing wrong!" Leo standing up for you as he pointed at Raphael. "Stop.Telling.Me.What TO DO!" He said as he Shoved Leo. Leo pushed back with all his might. Which made Raphael fall over. Raph rolled to his one side and stood up. "Oh you gonna regret that big brother." Leo cracked his neck ready for anything. "no need to crack your neck; cause i'm gonna break it for you!" Raph charged at his brother with his shoulder. He Knocked Leo off the building. Leo falling backwards; he twisted himself in the air so he lands on his feet and hands like a frog. Leo stands up like a proud warrior and looks up at the annoyed Raphael. Raph jumps down as he parkours off one building to the one beside it then hits the ground with a punch and his feet flat on the ground. Leo jumps up on the fire escape above him and swings his feet in the air so they hit Raph in the face. Raph stumbles back as Leo swings himself up to the roofs of the city. He's one ledge away from you as he puts his hand out for you. "Come with me." he offered. You looked at him; then to his brother down below. 'Should i stay so i don't make Raphael mad at me and what if his attitude doesn't go away. Maybe i'll give him the evening to cool down.' you thought that was the wise decision. You looked up at Leo still leaning over with his hand waiting for you. You took his hand as he helped you jump across to the building where he was standing. Raphael had a confusing Scowl look on his face as he watched you take Leo's side instead of his. Raphael's anger grew and grew more with each second. Raphael jumped up on the Fire escape and up to the roofs. He fast walked after you; which was only 8 feet away. Right before Leo could do anything Raphael grabbed your arm and yanked you towards him. He put his hands on your shoulders as he looks dead into your eyes. His thumbs stabbing into your front shoulder part near where it meets your boob. "Why did you choose Leo over me!" he demanded. "You were--I was--" "ANSWER ME!" Raph yelled right in your face. "LET HER GO!" Leo wrapped his arm around his neck as his other hand was pulling on his arm. Leo pulled Raphael off of you as you fell backwards. you sat on your knees as you rubbed your shoulder with your thumb gently then did the same thing on the other shoulder. Your throat was tightening up and your stomach got butterflies and not the good kind. Like the kind that make you feel sick and you gotta throw up. You spit up a little in your mouth then you leaned over the edge to throw up. Luckily no one was down there. Raphael took his kunai from his pocket and stabbed it into Leo's Fore-arm. Leonardo Screamed and hissed as he back off of Raph. Raph came over to you with his eyes narrowed and firmed staring at you as he then picked you up harshly and pointed the kunai against your throat "your coming with me" He instructed you. Tears fled your eyes "Who are you?" you whispered. Those words rang through his mind. "who are you? Who are you? who are you?" Then right then and there Leo kicked him off the ledge which made his kunai miss and go through your upper arm. You screamed at a really high pitch rate as you cried. Raph fell into a dumpster as the lid fell over his body. Leo looked at your arm softly with his hand. You hissed as tears fled your eyes. "Wait here, i'll get Donnie to come." He instructed. You nodded your head as you waited on the floor of the roof with your back against the ledge watching the blood trickle down your arm to your hand. You looked away up to the sky watching it turn into a dark blue velvet with some redened orange on the crease of the city. 'i wanna go home to the sewers and just be watching my shows while eating Sherbert with my turtle buds. Not here, on a building bleeding like one of Naturo's episodes. God i'm so hungry.' "Alight he's on his way with mikey as well." you nodded biting your lip. He sat next to you and put his arm on the ledge behind you. "Even though you stabbed, are you ok?" he asked concerned. You shook your head as your eyes were glossed over in warm water. "No leo i'm not. I don't even know Who Raph is anymore. I'm scared. I just wanna go home." you cried. He put his hand that was on the ledge around your waist and kissed your temple. He then leaned his head on yours.

To be continued..

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