Chapter 14

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Third Person POV

The guy with black hoodie keep his head down. Nobody knows what's his thinking. He feel like he has no intention to live after she left. She left with his heart on her hand. No she didn't break it, she just took it away and he doesn't want it back. He wants her back.

Suddenly he was pushed to the corner of the street by five bulky guys. Being a men he started to strangled them but he failed. Two guys gripped him tight.

"What do we have here ?" A male voice asked. The five guys quickly shoved the guy to the front. The guy chuckled seeing how pathetic this guy in front of him.

"What the hell do you want ?" He asked boiling in anger.

"Well well isn't this lover boy ? How does it feel when he took your bitch from you huh ?" The man taunted him.

He was about to choke the man till death but the five guys grabbed him making him can't move.

"Its okay guys. I am not here for fight. I am here to make a deal" the man said.

"I don't know you, leave me the fuck alone you sick fucking bastard" The guy spatted at him. The name chuckled.

"Oh Dylan no need to be like that. Do you want to know a secret ?" The Man asked with lower tone.

Dylan glared at the man. "I am going to kill Machine Gun Kelly and I need your little help" The man said.

Dylan keep glaring at him. "I don't care. Kill him and leave me alone" Dylan said again.

"Hahahha I feel very bad cause i forget to mention that when I finish kill MGK ,I'll give you his angel aka Selene... I thought you like her" The man said again.

Dylan eyes can't lie. His eyes suddenly shot up towards the man. He can have selene once MGK die ?

"Its true... You can have her. I only want MGK's gang and his bitch goes to you" The man said again.

Dylan closed his eyes...

"What should I do ?" Dylan asked. The man chuckled.

"Now that's a good boy"



Its raining outside and once again I am left with my thoughts.

"Here... Hot chocolate" Clara shoved a cup of hot chocolate in front of me. I looked at her confused.

"I didn't ask a hot chocolate" I said.

Clara laughed. "Everyone loves hot chocolate so I thought you too" she said. I smiled a little at that.

I took a sip of the hot chocolate and moaned a little. This hot chocolate surprisingly good. "Why are you looking at me like that ?" Clara asked. I shrugged.

"Its weird cause you act like a friend now" I blurted out and she laughed. "Hahahah yeah maybe we are friends. I thought you're in bad mood so I am being a friend now" she said.

I looked at her in awe. I used to think she dislike me like I did to her. I mean she sleeps with everyone in this gang probably Dean and Kells too but here she is sitting with me talking like old friend.

"Sometimes I was wondering how you can keep up with life like this" I said out of blue. She smiled. I thought she would be mad.

"Its habit. I -" she was unsure but then said again "I like this life. I don't have to worry about anything. I ... I am free" she said bitterly. I know by her tone she wasn't happy though.

"You know... Travis like you" I said again after few minutes of silence. She laughed. "That boy is ridiculous. I am older than him and he is a nice guy ... unlike me" she said looking out the window sipping her hot chocolate.

"Everyone deserve to be happy" I said. She looks at me. "What about you ? You're here now and I am sure Kells won't let you escape, what's your plan ?" She asked.

I dont have the answer for that question though. I don't know what's my plan. I don't know if I'll fit into this kind of life. Gangs. Kells is not a saint. He is a sinner.

"I don't have one" I said with a sigh.

"You'll fit into his life. Don't worry" Clara said as if she can reading my mind. "How was Irene lived before ? She lived here for years" I asked suddenly thinking about Irene.

"Irene's brother Ian saved Kells one time. The accident killed Ian. Kells blamed himself for that so he took Irene in. She was only sixteen. Kells protected her like a little sister but she doesn't think the same way. She wanted more and that's her mistake" Clara said.

I suddenly began to interesting on Clara's story. Kells didn't talk about past, he doesn't even talk about Irene or The Viper anymore.

"How did Ian die ?" I asked.

"Someone was about to shot Kellys but Ian covered him up then they shot Ian instead. He died straight away. Ian is touchy subject for Kells" Clara shrugged. I just nodded.

"I hope ian will not be mad cause kells killed his sister" I said in sighing.

"Are you crazy ? That bitch deserved it. Don't worry about Ian though" Clara answered.


It was already midnight when Kells opened the bedroom door. I was still wide awake reading a book sitting near the window.

"Thought you'd sleep" he muttered.

I glared at him.

"Where were you ?" I asked in serious tone. Then I saw it. His neck has some lipstick on it. His t shirt is different than he wore this morning when he left. Oh my god.

I suddenly feel sick in my stomach.

"Listen ... I " kells was about to say something but I pointed one of my finger to him. "You !!! Just shut up" I snapped.

He looked surprised then suddenly mad. "Don't tell me what to do!!!" He said.

"I can't believe you have the nerve to come here with her lipstick still on you!!!!! I ... I thought you wanted me" I said with sobs. I didnt realized I was crying till I feel something wet on my cheeks.

"Its not what you think" he defended.

"Noooo!!! Fuck you!!!" I snapped again.

.he sighed.

"I am always nice to you since you first come here and this is how you pay me huh ?" He took few steps closer. I threw the book I've been reading to him but he pushed it away.

"Kells how could you ?" I asked looking down. Some stupid tears still falling down.

"For fucks sake !!!! Just let me explain it and stop crying !!!!" He demanded but I keep crying.

He sighed then left the room with a bang on the door. I sat there crying. I don't know what to feel. I feel numb. I thought he's changed. But I guess I was wrong.

My heart just broke in to pieces.


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