Part 4 (Mrs.Nandini Manik Malhotra)

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Look harshad, manik is not meant for soha..!! And he dont love her..!! We will find a good guy for her..!! You don't worry..!! Said raj patting on his shoulder.

Harshad just nodded his head and walked away.

How can you do this to us Mr. Raj Malhotra, we thought that you love us..!! No you don't love us you were just pretending..!! Aab mai soha se kya kahuga..!! He took his phone from his pocket and dialed a number.

Hello bhai, how are you? Is everything ok you called at this hour..!! Asked from other side person on call.

Haa... Choti mai bilkul thik hu, tu batha tera exam hogayina, when are you coming..!! Harshad asked.

Bhai, I am coming after 2 weeks..!! I am so excited bhai, manik bhi wapas agaya na, now we both will get married..!! The girl said on call.

Soha, you come then we will talk about it..!! Harshad said taking deep breath.

Acha bhai see you soon bye...!! Soha said.

Bye take care..!! With that he cut the call.


Manik and raj came back from office and settled them self on sofa in living room.

Manik was doing something on his phone, raj was resting his on sofa and closed his eyes.

Someone came with 2 glass of water and coffee..!! It was nandini, Manik looked at the source, he looked at her with smile but she has blank expression on her face. Manik was confused with her act.

Nandini kept the try on table and moved towards raj, and started massaging his head. Feeling someone touch he opened his eyes and looked who was it.

When he saw nandini, he closed his eyes and smiled brightly.

You know what nandini, I always had a wish to have a daughter like you, but to my bad luck god blessed me with one of the world impossible boy..!! Raj said.

Dad your impossible..!! Manik said faking anger.

I feel so relax nandini , thank you..!! He said opening his with smile.

Sir, no need to thank me, your are like my papa, tho aapne papa ke liya ithna nahi karsakthi hu kya..!! Nandini said while giving him coffee.

So call me papa, not sir..!! When he said manik looked at raj and smiled.

After dinner raj and manik went their rooms to sleep.


Nandini was washing dishes in kitchen..!! Manik came to kitchen and saw nandini working.

Actually It has been two weeks nandini was ignoring manik, from the time when dinning table incident happened.

In this two week nandini was sleeping on couch in bedroom, and manik was on bed, he tried to talk to her, but she was totally ignoring him.

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