The Drama Trip

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"Wahawahahaha!" I heard loud crying noises as I woke up. I looked beside me, finding a small baby crying. I smiled at the baby as I patted on her, "Shhh!" The baby stopped crying as she tried to look at me with her small eyes.

It has been a week since sis went to the hospital after the ball, and she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She had some complexion on her pregnancy so she is in the hospital now with brother in law. Brother in law heard about sis in the hospital for giving birth and he took a private plane and came to our country. He is with sis in the hospital taking care of her. I didn't told anything about this to Radi because I didn't went to school for a week or more and I praticed the drama script at home. Since the baby is healthy, so we have to bring the baby at home. Big brother is in the business trip to some other country so I have to stay home alone to take care of my new born baby niece. Dad and mom are not home either because they are again working with Rickey's dad's company. But today I have to go to school. I have let the principal know about my house problem which is about my sis and niece of course. So, I need to bring the new born baby with me to the school. I have no idea what people are going to say. I only told Rachel about this.

I sat upright and held the baby on my arms. She is so tiny as she was crying a bit. Probably, she is hungry. I went to the kitchen with her and grabbed her a fedder of milk and slowly put it in her mouth. She started to drink milk hungrily. She is so much like sis but I have to say that she looks a lot like brother in law.

After I finished my breakfast, I slowly put the new born baby on baby carriage and went to school. I entered in the school as everybody was looking at me and the baby. Good that the baby was sleeping. I went in my classroom as a whole bunch of people gather around me and the baby.

"Oh my goodness!" One person said. "Is that your niece?"

How did that person know that?

"Oh, she is so cute!" Another person said.

"Oh, she is so adorable! Can I hold her?" Other person said as I interrupted.

"Hey, she is a new born baby, alright? She will cry if you are being noisy," I said as the class went to their seat and I took he baby carriage and went near my seat and sat on the table.

"So, does the baby like you?" I heard Radi said as he smirked.

Why does he need to smirk? I ignored him and looked at Rachel. "Rachel, how did everybody got to know about the baby?" I asked.

"Of course I told them!" She said.

"I knew it! Why would you do that?" I asked.

"What do you mean? She is so cute so I wanted all the class to know about the baby, you know?" She said.

"What is the baby's name?" Radi asked.

"The baby's name is Mimi."

"Mimi? That is a nice name." Rachel said.

Our teacher came to the class and said, "So class, our play is going to be played in a different city so we have to go there by a bus and need to stay there for a week or couple of days for the play. Each day, different school's will have there play and on the last day of the trip, the winner is going to be announced. We will be staying on a hotel and have a room shared by partners. I will choose the partners and you will get your costumes for the play when you go to that hotel. I will hand you the form for the trip."

Really? That means that I have to bring Mimi with me too since she will be home alone otherwise. We got our form and our class started to practice for the play. As usual, me and Radi played as Romeo and Juliet's role. The school bell rand which I think woke Mimi because she started to cry really loudly. I picked her up on my arms and said,"Rani and Rachel, you can have your lunch in the cafe. I will go outside on the park. Mimi doesn't like to stay in and she is also crying."

"I will help," Radi volunteered as he took the baby carriage.

"You sure? Do you need me to help?" She asked.

"No, it's alright. You can have your lunch in the cafe," I said.

"Okay!" She said as she went to the cafe.

We made our way out of the school to the park as Mimi started to calm down. "Do you had to volunteer?" I asked.

"Why not? I know that I am not good with kids but I will try to help," he said.

We went near a place in the the park where little kids were building sand castle. We sat on a shade and took out our lunch. I took out the fedder and started to feed the baby. She drank the milk hungrily. I looked at Radi and found him starring at me. "What?"

He looked away and I could see him blushing a bit.

"What happened?" I asked.

"You look really cute while working so hard, especially to take care of a baby," he said.

"Shut up!" I yelled as I was going to punch you but Mimi started to cry very loudly. I put Mimi on my hand, holding her upright and patting her back. "Shhh! It's okay, baby. Everything is alright," I said, calmly.

The baby started to calm down as I supported her neck. "Bleh!" She threw up a bit. Ew, I thought but I had to clean it up. I took some tissues and started to clean up as I heard Radi laughing. "Yeah, laugh it off. How would you understand what it feels like to take care of the baby?" I said.

"Why, you don't like to take care of a baby?" He asked.

"No, I love babies but I don't like it when they throw up," I said as I cleaned the mess and threw it on the garbage.

"Say, do you want to have kids?" He suddenly asked.

I looked at him and kind of blushed but said, "sure but I want to have kids after marriage so that the baby's daddy can help me to take care of the babby."

"How many kids do you want?" He asked.

Why is he asking me that? "I don't know. Depends how big the house, I guess," I said.

"Then we can have a lots of a babies to fills all the spaces of the palace," he suddenly said.

"Yeah," I said without thinking. Suddenly I realise what he said. "WHAT THE HECK, YOU PERVERT! HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT? DO YOU HAVE ANY COMMON SENSE! YOU STUPID FOOL! PRINCE OF ALL PERVERT!" I yelled as Mimi suddenly burst into cry.

"Shhh Mimi! Don't make her too tired or else how is she going to take care of our lots of kids?" He said.

Did he said 'ourskids'? "You idiot!" I yelled as I punched him.

"Ouch, that's hurts!" He complained.

I ignored him. Even in girl's disguise, Radi uses his manly voice to talk. What would people think if they heard him talk especially when dressing up as a girl and acting as a man? I sighed.

After the lunch, we returned to our class and Mimi was asleep. There was a paper where our roommates name was written.

"I will go and check our name," I heard Radi said.

He went near the paper and read it. I could see a smile broke on his lips. Why is he happy? He came near me and smirked.

Goodness! His smirks really annoys me sometimes! "What?"

"We are roommates," he said.

I looked at him in shock. Me and Radi are roommates? "What?"

"Well, it's normal since you are a girl and I am disguise as a girl," he said.

How the heck is this happening? How could we even share a room? He is a man and I am a woman. And we are going to be alone in the hotel room . . . I blushed as I though about it. Oh no! What am I going to do?

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