The Explanation of The Ring

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Radi looked at me and asked, "What do you mean that you are engage?"

"Radi . . ." I said.

Suddenly, he noticed my right ring finger. It was bandaged. "What happened there?"

I looked away as he took my hand on his and slowly unbandaged my right ring finger. The right ring finger had a lots of cuts and scratches.

He looked the cuts more closely and said, "What . . . Did you cut it by yourself? Because the mark of the cuts are away from you."

I didn't expected him to know that I cut those cuts by only looking at the cuts. I guess, he really is the prince.

"Avery, why did you did that?"

"So, what could have I done?" I asked as I looked at him. "Dad got this person name Rickey to get me engage with him and I don't even know him. Dad wants more money and that person's dad is rich. Dad wants to be partner with him in business so he is forcing me to get married with him. Even mom is supporting dad. I couldn't let Rickey put a ring on my right hand!"

"So, that's why you cut it? Are you stupid? Only for that you cut your finger?" He said in anger.

"Only for that?" I repeated what Radi asked. "Radi, I am not a boy so I don't know about them, but for a girl, marriage is like a beginning of their new life and engagement is the starting point of marriage. For me, I don't want to get married with somebody that I don't love or with somebody that only loves money. I want a man to be my husband who knows what is right or wrong, who is brave enough to propose me infront of my family and ask my hand in marriage from my family. I want a person who loves me for myself not for money. I want a person who have self respect, knows how to respect elders, knows how to behave Witt youngers and know how to protect the person that they love. I want a husband who values his family more than his money. And when I heard that Rickey is only wanting to marry me for money, how could I even let him put a ring on my right ring finger when I know that is what begins a relationship? And you are telling me that I should let him put ring on my right ring finger? How could you . . ." Before I could continue and burst into tears, Radi pulled me in a hug.

"I am sorry," he said. "I didn't mean it that way. I only want you to not to hurt yourself. So, when I saw you hurting your finger, I kind of got angry and asked you that question. I am really sorry."

I could feel tears falling from my eyes as I hugged him. Darn! Why do I have to be so weird when I am with Radi?

"Why didn't you told me before?" He asked.

"I thought you might feel it as a bother," I said.

"Silly girl! Why would I feel it a bother?" He asked as he held my chin and made me look, at him. "But, like I said before. I am not handing you to anybody, even though you still didn't reply me about my love confession that day."

I blushed. How am even going to tell me that I like him?

"It's okay. You don't have to answer it now," he said as he again hugged me and put his lips near my ear. "Do you eat chocolate a lot? When I kissed you that time, you tasted like chocolates."

"YOU! STUPID PRINCE OF ALL PERVERT!" I yelled as I pushed him aside and he burst out laughing.

"Hahaha hahaha! Goodness! It is so easy to tease you! Hahaha!" He laughed.

"You are so rude!" I said. "I am so mad at you!"

"Come on! Don't be mad. Here, I will give you a present," he said as he got up and I saw him taking something out from his pocket.

I was sitting on the bed turned away from him. How could he always make fun of me!? I feel like punching him sometimes. Suddenly, I noticed Radi putting a necklace around my neck. I looked at the a necklace. It was a light pink afoul our necklace and it had a heart shaped locket on the bottom. "This necklace is beautiful," I said.

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