(Chapter 13)

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Through out the whole night i couldn't really catch sleep so i pulled an all nighter.

*knock knock*

"Jade are you up Already?"- Normani.

"Yeah, actually i never went to sleep."-Jade.

"What oh my goodness, you know you can never function right when you get no sleep".-Normani.

"Ugh just hurry up and get ready i'll text Jackson to come pick us up."-Normani

"Why does he need to come pick us up if we're not late? And when did he get a car?"-Jade

"He told me he got one last night, and i'd rather go by car plus we need to stop by Starbucks.. I'm craving something sweet."-Normani.

"You do know your pregnant and you can't drink coffee right?"-Jade.

"Of course i know that, but you need it and there are other things i can by from there that's sweet and isn't coffee. Even though coffe turns you into a whole different person. Which is weird coffee is like liquor for you 😂"-Normani.

"It would help... and i don't know i get really hyper i mean everyone does right?"-Jade.

"No you are something else... but you need it or else you seriously won't function right."-Normani.


"Ok wash up and get ready, I'm calling Jackson right now".-Normani.


I get up and head to my bathroom with my phone and speaker. I need some music to soothe me. Ugh i forgot i have to stay after school today and we're meeting up with Jb. Shoot so much going on today i should have gotten some sleep, but i really couldn't sleep yesterday.

I get undressed and turn on the warm/hot water. As i do that i get a video call from kunpimook. So i quickly grab a towel to cover my naked self, but my finger slipped and he can see me.

" *screams*".-Jade

"Whoooaaa, Jade your lucky I'm in the bathroom stall and have head phones on."-Kunpimook.


"Hey you picked up".-Kunpimook says smirking.

"Actually my finger did."-Jade.


"My finger slipped...basically i accidentally picked up."-Jade

"Oh sure..."-Kunpimook.

"Your so.. ugh what is it that you want?"-Jade.



"Nah i just wanted to see why you weren't at school and didn't answer me when i came by this morning."-kunpimook.

"Ah yeah about that I'll explain later.. i'm kinda of naked if you forgot. And i'm trying to get ready because i'm coming to school late."-Jade.

"Oh i didn't forget that's why i'm trying to keep you on.*grins*...but since your late i'll talk to you when you get here beautiful".-Kunpimook.


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