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The day was finally here.


Diana and Lizzie had dolled me up and were so happy with the outcome of it.

I had a navy blue dress that was sparked with a slit at the bottom of the dress and it came to my knees.

I wore black shiny heels with it and my hair was curled with half of it up and half down.

They gave me a natural look for makeup and a small black purse for my phone and other things.

Ding dong.

The door bell sounded and I walked towards it, careful not to trip in my heels.

I opened the door to see Liam, Ben and Colin all looking at me with their jaw dropped.

I felt the redness in my cheeks coming as they looked at me and when Diana came up beside, their jaw seems to have gone down further.

"Oh close your mouths before you catch flies."

I laughed at Diana comment and all the boy's mouth shut.

"You look gorgeous Hope."

I smile at Colin and took his outstretched hand.

Diana was going with Liam and Ben with Samantha but she was coming in her own car.

Lizzie probably took a thousand pictures before she finally decided to let us be on our way.

We got into the two cars and drove to the school.

Diana was literally shouting the songs on the radio and I tapped my foot with the music.


I laughed but Colin groaned at her terrible singing.

"Diana, please stop. I beg of you."

She glared at him through the front mirror which made me laugh more. "Not unless your girlfriend says so." I blush hearing her words.


I couldn't believe that we had gotten to that stage.

He hand landed on my thigh and he smiled at me before going back to look at the road.

Sparks went coursing all through me and my breathing hitched when he starting drawing small circles with his fingers.

He was turning me on and he knew it by the way he was smirking.

This was going to be a long night.

We finally reached but I was disappointed when Colin's hand moved from my thigh.

He hopped in the car and ran around to open the door for me.

"Miss. Carter."

He said and bowed like a butler or something.

I giggled at him and took his hand, following his lead to the gym where the dance was held.

"I give you the Night to Remember."

The boy at the door shouted and I smile seeing all the people talking, dancing and having a good time.

We all split up and I could see Diana was already on the dance floor.

"Hey do want a drink?"

I nodded at Colin and he told me that he would be back. The decorations were amazing and the whole ceiling made it seem like we were dancing under the night sky.

"Hey there baby, wanna dance."

I turned around to some drunk boy who had asked the question and I shook my head and looked around for Colin.

How long does it take to get some drinks?

"Oh come on, sweetheart. I don't bite."

He hand slides down my arm and I cringed hearing his slurred words.

"No, actually I'm waiting on someone."

He looks me up and down and then looks around as if the person will be easily seen.

"Exactly who would that person be?"


A new voice says. I look up at Colin who has come up in front of me and is glaring at the drunk boy.

"This your girl Colin." Drunk boy says grinning.

"Yes she is. You can go now." He nods and turns away, walking off.

"Are you okay? Did he do anything to you?"

His concerned eyes look me up and down and I nodded at him.

"Yes, I'm okay. He didn't do anything to me."

He smiled and handed me my cup and I drink most of it before putting on our table.

He did the same and we headed towards the dance floor. First thing you should, neither one of us can dance to pop music.

Like not at all.

I'm used to spinning and basically everything ballet.

Not dabs and whips.

So of course everyone is looking at us crazy when Colin is shaking his ass with the weird girl that has no friends but we ignore and keep dancing.

All I Want by Kodaline came on and the DJ grabbed the mic.

"Alright all you lovely couples, get down on the floor cause here's our first slow dance of the night, hope everyone is having a great time."

I gasped when Colin pulled me by the waist closer to him and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Did I tell you that you look absolutely beautiful tonight."

I giggled as we sway around the room.

"Oh I don't know, only a couple times."

He eyes light up as he looked at me and I bet mine did too.

"Well you, Hope Carter, look so damn beautiful."

I kiss his cheek and my hands played with the hair at his neck.

"And you Colin Harrison, looks absolutely stunning and handsome."

He pretend to flip his hair and I laughed at him. "I know girl thank you."

He says in a high pitch voice. I hit him lightly on his arm and he smirks at me.

"Are you enjoying tonight so far?" I take a look around at everything and look back at me.

"Yeah, I am. Like I'm in the middle of one of those teen romance movies but better."

He turned me around and pulled me backed to him.

"Because I'm here, right?"

My fingers glide down he tux and I pull him even closer to me, pecking him in the lips.

"Oh, you are definitely the reason why."

Then we danced the rest of the night away.

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