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I was still getting nightmares.

This one was me in the car with mom and I was trying to tell her to slow down.

That she didn't need to rush but she was listening.

Like she couldn't hear me at all. The red light comes and she keeps driving a car comes out of nowhere and we crashed and turn upside down.

I try to get her out but someone pulls me out and the car goes up in flames.

Every time I run the light, nothing happens to me.

No car, truck, nothing. I should be dead not her.

She only did it once and she can never come back to me. I'll never have long talks with her and run around the house with water guns with her and dad.

I don't even have a dad anymore.

They showed me the video of what happened.

I cried the whole month as it replayed on and on in my head. Something starts shaking me and I jump up.

Lizzie wipes her forehead and looks at me.

"I was so worried, you weren't getting up and your alarm didn't go off and you were crying in your sleep. I didn't know what was going on."

I felt my cheeks and saw she was right and wiped my face. "Thanks."

She nodded but I could tell that she wanted to ask why I was crying.

Instead of explaining I took my towel and rag and went into the bathroom.

After getting dressed I looked at the time. I'm a good hour or two late.


My phone beeps letting me know someone texted me and it's from an unknown number.

Go to the field, a surprise awaits. You might find prince charming. You might have your date.

I was confused.

What does that even mean, I might get a date. I was going to ignore it when I heard another beep.

This is Diana, Liam is being lame as fuck just come to the field so we can surprise you.

I laughed at her text and got my stuff.

I arrive not long after and there were many cars parked there but no one was there when I open the gate.


Ugh...maybe they were messing with me, or course they are.


I turned around and to see Colin.


He laughed and kept walking in the field.

I followed behind him and we sat down.

"I've been meaning to tell you something since we were 10."

He takes a hold of mine hands and smiles.

"Is it something good or bad?"

I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons played behind us but when I looked, I couldn't seem where it came from.

"Hope Carter, would you do me the honor of being my date to the prom."

Well, this was easier than I thought.

I didn't have to tell him that I change my mind because he already knew. I tapped my chin with my finger and he stares at me.

"Oh, and I got you this..."

He turns around to get something and places a necklace in my hands. It's a flower pendant on it and ballet shoes.

I stared at it for a while and looked up at him.

"If you don't want it that's totally fine."

I shook my head but couldn't think of something to say. It was really pretty and one of nicest things anyone has ever gotten me.

I turn around and put the necklace around my neck and he clips it on.

"Yes. I would love to go to prom with you. I'm not just saying that because of the necklace. Which by the way is very very beautiful. Thank you, Colin."

He hugged me and I heard a loud scream.

I spun around to see all of Colin's friends come from the side. Diana being the one who was screaming.

"Sorry! I couldn't contain my happiness."

Everyone laughed and we walked up to them.

"So all of you was here the whole entire time."

They nodded and I grinned.

"Of course Liam was worried about skipping," Ben says ruffling Liam's hair.

We decided to go to the local ice-cream shop since we had missed most of the school by then and no one wanted to go back.

I played with the necklace while we were in the line and Samantha came up to me.

She doesn't really talk that much in the group but for some reason, she has that look that makes you think she does.

I don't know maybe it is just me. She had shoulder length brown hair and pretty green eyes.

"Hope, I know we haven't really talked but I just wanted to say that I can tell Colin is serious about you. Other than the fact that your the only person he's talked about since like 5th grade, but I see it when he looks at you. So treat him good, okay."

I nodded my head and she walked away.

Strange but I saw where she was coming from.

I order a triple chocolate ice cream and sat down with the group.

"Okay now that everyone is here, I have a great idea for us to all spend time together since school almost over."

We all eat our ice cream and look at Diana for her to continue.

"What if we all went camping with each other. It'll be so much fun and we can make some memories. Sitting in front of the campfire and all. I already had an idea of where we are going and my dad is good with paying for it so all I need is you and your parent's approval."

"I'm in." Everyone turns to me and I shrug my shoulders, finishing my cone. Soon after Colin agreed too and then the rest of the group.

Diana was so excited.

Me, I just wanted to get away from everything for a moment and this is it, so I'll take it.

Also, I did what to know my somewhat new friends better.

Camping seems like the perfect idea.

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