Chapter 3

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I fly out of Discords grip. "Umm ok, we can be friends I guess" I say with a blank stare. He smiles evilly and flys up in his two different wings. "So what are we gonna do?" He asks flying around. He grabs angel and looks like he was about to do something to him.

I fly over to him and grab angel out of his hands. " Well I was gonna just check on you every now and then but I guess you could come with me to run some errands." I say setting Angel down to run off. I look at him to see him thinking.

"Ok, I'll join you just for the fun of it" he says snapping his fingers making the empty popcorn bowl and blanket disappear. I grumble and open the door. I open my wings and begin to fly. I turn around to see Discord just floating behind me. I close my eyes half way and make a bored/annoyed face.

"Why do you need to be watched again? Besides the fact you might destroy equestria again?" I ask him. He looks off "Their afraid I might wreck the cottage and to be honest I was but Fluttershy asked you to watch over so I can't now" he says. I hum in respond. I see that we have arrived, I land on a small cloud.

I look back at a confused Discord. I shush him and he nods making himself tiny to go on my head. I begin to move the cloud above a sleeping Rainbow Dash. I giggle evilly and fly above the cloud I was on. I jump on the cloud making thunder and lighting crash. She wakes up with a scream.

I laugh and clutch my stomach.  "Wha?! Oh Y/N?! I wasn't scared pssh" she says flying up to me. As I finished laughing I respond "Sorry to say but I'm not quite alone" I say and I hear the all knowing laughter of discord. "That was hilarious!" He says laughing some more.

Rainbow Dash frowns "Why is he here?" She asks. I roll my eyes "Just doing some work for Fluttershy" I say shrugging. "Oh man I feel bad for you" she says and I nod. "Hey! I'm right here" he says and I start to laugh again. "Anyways! You said we could race" I say flying up into the air.

"Oh right! Ready to lose" She says smirking. I smirk back "You wish" I say as we head to the race obstacle. I look back to see Discord looking confused "Are you coming?" I ask him. He smiles and flies up to us. "I'm betting my money on Y/N" he says laughing.

"Here we go!" I say heading to the start line. I stretch my wings and legs out a bit. "Aye! Discord, you know how you can make anything appear?" I ask him and he nods. "Can you get me a pair of flying goggles please?" I ask him sweetly and Rainbow fake gags.

"Shut up! This is how you properly ask for stuff" I say and see him snap his fingers and a pair of goggles appear on my head. "Thanks!" I say. "You ready Rainbow Crash?" I tease her. She rolls her eyes. I smirk and push down my goggles to my eyes. "Ready, 3,2,1," I say making me and Rainbow open our wings.

"Go!" We both say and fly off. I fly so fast that my mane is thrashing in the wind and is pushed back. The wind breezes through my mane and fur. I was so focused on the wind and the feeling I didn't realize I was ahead by a long shot. We have to do a full three laps. I was on my third heading to finish. I fly through the finish, winning.

"Woohoo!!!" I say flying up into the air. Rainbow flies slowly through the finish, she falls onto the cloud road. "How *pant* did you *wheeze* Win?!?!" She says. I shrug "It's just in my dna" I say laughing. "High hoof" I say to Discord who's jaws dropped. "Or umm paw" I say raising my hoof. He high paws me and we laugh.

I look to see that it's about 5:00. I don't know I just looked at the sun and it looks like it's almost sunset. Just a few more hours. "Oh crap! I need to feed Pickles!" I say. "Thanks for the race Rainbow! Come on Discord" I say flying off with Discord following me.

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