Chapter 7: New Team And New Crushes

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Lucy P.O.V
The guild literally celebrated my arrival for like a week, everyone got a hangover and no jobs were getting done. Rogue and I were the only ones that didn't drink ourselves to near death, so we started taking care of a lot of them ourselves so that the master won't get cranky. On Friday, Sting and Rogue asked me to go with them on a mission with them that would last about a week and of course I accepted because they are my best friends, but I also noticed that they only take me on missions. We went home and started to pack our things for our mission, we didn't need like a survival pack or anything since we would be able to stay in a hotel. Our mission was simple, all we had to do is act as security for an all week even they were having in Crocus. The even takes place at night so we would have all day to do as we please which I thought was pretty cool. 

*Time Skip: Death Station*

We finally finished packing and walked to the train station and bought our train tickets. Our train was delayed so we have to wait about an hour for it to come.
"So I was wondering.." I break the silence as we wait.
"yeah?" The boys say in unison
"Why am I the only one that you take on missions?"
"We thought that maybe we could become a dragon slayer trio.." Sting says while blushing and scratching his neck
"Oh, well that makes sense."
"Would you like that?" Rogue asks which makes me think for a minute before replying.
"A team with you two sounds like a lot of fun" I give them a toothy grin before hugging the two blushing idiots.

After an hour of talking about nonsense, the train finally arrives and all of our faces seem to quickly lose color. Of course the ride would only last 30 minutes and we all knew it, but that didn't make us feel any better. We reluctantly boarded the train and sat in a booth together, Rogue and I on one side and Stingy-bee on the other since he has the hardest time with motion sickness. We were alright for the time being since the train won't start moving for another 5 minutes.
"Sting, why don't you lie down and try to sleep before the train moves and Rogue and I will figure it out."
"Alright, Blondie" He does as he's told and drifts off to sleep quicker than expected.
"We seriously need to invest in some motion sickness pills..." I say while laying my head on Rogue's shoulder.
"I agree" He says while laying his head on mine and we both start to drift off to sleep as well with no memory of the train starting to move.

*Time Skip: 25 minutes later*

Sting P.O.V
I was the one to wake up first due to the announcement over the trains speakers. 'We are about to reach Crocus so I have to wake up the sleeping love birds.' I thought to myself as I look as Rogue who is leaning against the window with his arms around Blondie and Blondie has her head on his chest. I chuckle a little before reaching over and plucking them both on the forehead, earning groans of pain from each of them.
"Rise and shine, we're here!" I say just as the train stops at the station. They both look at each other and the position they were in and start to blush a crimson red which I found to be hilarious. 'Everyone knows that they like each other except them, they'll figure it out eventually.' I think as we grab our things and get off the train.

Rogue P.O.V
'I was so embarrassed that Sting saw us like that. He is my best friend, but I don't tell him everything. He doesn't know that I have a crush on Lucy.' I look over at the tomato-faced blonde who walked next to me and smile a bit. 'Maybe she could possibly like me too?' I think to myself as we enter an inn that is close to where our job will take place. I leave Sting and Lucy at the entrance and take care of the rooms myself.
"Hey, can we get 2 rooms please?" I ask the lady behind the desk.
"Oh..I'm sorry sir, we only have one room left." She apologizes 
"That's fine, does it at least have 3 beds?" I ask full of hope.
"No, and we don't have anymore extras either...I'm sorry."
"You know what, that's fine." I say as I pay her and she hands me 3 keys before I return to my friends. I hand them both a key and we start walking over to the stairwell.
"So there's something we have to sort out.." I start
"And what is that?" Lucy asks
"Well, they only have one room left and the room only has two beds."
"Well I think Blondie should sleep with you since she seems more comfortable with you anyway." Sting says which makes us blush again.
"T-that's a g-good Idea.." Lucy stutters

Lucy P.O.V
'So I agreed to Sting's idea because I like sleeping with Rogue, is that such a bad thing?' I think to myself while looking down at my feet. 'I do have a crush on him, but I don't want him to know that...'

A/N: So I didn't update at all yesterday because my parents dragged me to the beach (Which has everything I'm allergic to) and then I was too sick to update when I got home. This is a shorter chapter by a few hundred words and probably one of the worst and I apologize. 

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