Closure Note and Surprise

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So now I have at last wrapped up this book and I can't tell you all how elated I am with this accomplishment of mine. With lots of drama and my crankiness, I have troubled and miffed a lot of you ... but I'm unapologetic. Perhaps because I spent months on planning this book and writing it has always been exhausting for me, emotionally.

There was a phase where I could no longer write even a chapter more for this book as it was turning extremely dark and that was just aggravating my depression. I even had issues with my characters because unlike Anaisha and Kabir of TSOUHD (both of who are extensions of my own personality), Sidharth and Khushali though inherited some traits of mine and my personality, but even then are two very different individuals. And at times, it's not easy handling these two very layered and conflicting characters.

I won't deny but I hated Sidharth at some point for getting more affection than he deserved. I wanted Khushali to be the hero of this story and not Sidharth. I despised him and few readers and friends of mine like sanaarora93 palaklovesranbir and mishu96 know and heard me rant too about this. Infact I wanted Sagar and Mayera to get more love than Sidharth because I always felt their lose were greater than his.

But it was only when I began to write about the past incidents, I actually realised that he's no different than Kabir. That he's not alienated from me or my personality. He's me, as much as Kabir or Samar are. Without ever acknowledging this but I created Sidharth to be someone I was at some point of my life and again be whenever such situation would arise.

I accept completely that it was my lack of planning of his character development through the storyline that may have caused me to have a cold shoulder towards him. And maybe towards this book too. I accept that this book isn't either upto the mark because I never planned it initially to be a suspense romance story. I initially had intended to write an arranged marriage book and that's why the mystery elements came in this story only after first six chapters. After publishing 6 chapters, I had then developed this suspense.

Not just Sidharth, but I feel I haven't really done justice to other characters as well. That's very upsetting for me. And I can't explain how much I want to rewrite everything I have written in this book and make it better.
But that's not possible. Thus the #2 version, which I'll begin to work on in December.

There's one more thing I want to address. Though I don't like giving explanation about my actions or behaviour, this once I want to clarify one thing. I know I have been harsh with my notes earlier because I felt that I wasn't getting appreciated enough or atleast the efforts that I was putting in my books were going in vain. It wasn't because I thought I'm the best here. I know I'm not the best, I just have a way with words and can form coherent sentences and get philosophical, and that doesn't make me a writer. However I do know the ideologies and beliefs I have, I'm absolutely right in them. But I neither want to criticise anyone nor rant about it now.

I know I acted rudely at times but I don't regret a single thing. I have my insecurities and I'm not ashamed to admit that I have been extremely insecure while writing this book. I was crazy, amateur and was going through depression on and off. Still, I'm glad I completed this story, though not really I'm satisfied with it. But anyway, thank you all for all the support. Especially those readers who have stuck with me since the beginning.
adhyakumarijha RKDP_Stories NainaRaghav Karina12s3 nairasg and all those who have been active readers throughout the book. You guys are the best and I love you all so much! 😘😘❤❤

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