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In this world, there's no hero or villain. Humans, though, have this tendency to view this world and its people in terms of white and black, but fail to see that the spectrum of our vision is blinded enough to believe that a certain colour shall always represent which we perceive as evil or even godly.
However capable our sight is, the incapability of ours stem from the fact that we fail to see how humans are just a mix of white and black. Grey. That's what we are, just it differentiates into two as life decides to come in the way in forms of circumstances of which some breaks us, others makes us stronger. And no, these circumstances aren't always testing times... some are what people around us makes us go through which only leads to us inching towards either the lighter shade of grey which is optimistic and full of hope, or towards the darker shade of grey which is pessimistic and only feeds of the pain and sufferings of human life.
I know, this seems slightly out of context but I do believe that it is even true that no one is born evil... just situations often lead to undesirable phases which causes unpleasantly experiences and turns someone bitter and resentful, frequently becoming what we call evil.
But remember one thing, despite what all bad deeds a person do, they do deserve forgiveness. Because the power that forgiveness has, I don't think anything else is so potent to even compare. Think about this, otherwise... your fate will decide what course of life you deserve.

Yours forever
Sagar Malhotra

A tear escaped her eye. It'd been seven years since she had read it last. Seven years when everything ended, yet her new life had begun which she completely acceptance of her fate as Khushali Kapoor Mehra, Sidharth Mehra's lawfully wedded wife.

However, today was different. It was her Sagar's birthday. She missed him, terribly, yet, he was beside her. But not as the lover she had lost tragically ten years back. No, she had come to terms with his dead and accepted that he wouldn't return back to her ever in that form. All, when she had put her past to rest.
Yet, he did return back. This time as her baby son, who was born on the very same day as Sagar, last year.

The first thing that had come to her mind after delivering her baby boy was that it was Sagar's birthday. But she had held herself back from saying the same aloud. However, her husband must have guessed it by her facial expression. He was quite creepy when it came to reading her face. It was like she was an open book for Sidharth. He could figure out her emotional dilemma by just one look at her face.
And he won't ever explain to me how, she sighed.

Reasons best known to Sidharth, he had insisted on naming their baby boy after Sagar. He considered it to be a tribute to Sagar, the man because of whom Khushali and Sidharth were brought closer to get bound in a lifelong relationship of love and trust.

She did protest, but somewhere, slightly selfish though, she wanted her son to be named after Sagar. It felt like regaining the missing essence of her life that had died along with him.
And so, her baby son was named Sagar Mehra. But it was an official name, because thanks to her first child and daughter Samara, her baby boy was known as Shaggy in the entire Mehra and Kapoor clan, as well as their friend circle.
Reason, because her now five-year-old Samara had a pet dog who's name was Scooby and Scooby needed a Shaggy.

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