25 || The End of All

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A/N: Finally we have reached the end of this book. This chapter is a conclusive one and the last suspense will be revealed.

There's a surprise coming up in the epilogue ;)
Happy reading, guys! :)


Silence, that's what dominated her being and the atmosphere of the car. Neither she nor Sidharth wanted to speak anything, or maybe they couldn't.

The car moved, but Khushali felt as if time was moving faster than she thought. It was like as if in a flash, the last few days replayed infront of her eyes. The literature festival, Sidharth and Mayera's drama, Vivan's fake version of truth, the confrontation with Sidharth, the burglary in her parent's home, the revelation, the real truth, her and Sidharth's consummation of their marriage, and lastly today morning. Everything seemed to had taken place in a blur of a moment.
Or maybe in my head, she thought. For, any sane person all the things that had happened in her life in some days seemed surreal to occur one after the other. But it did, and she knew what was about to happen next, would give this nightmarish experience of hers an end, a happy, peaceful end.

"You don't have to do this, we'll work a way out of it." Sidharth squeezed her hand. They had reached Vivan's office, which she didn't notice as her eyes were on the dashboard of the car. A picture of hers with Sidharth and Amaira rested gracefully there, with a beautiful pink frame.

"No, I have to do this," she said, sounding firm. Clairvoyance or not, but she could easily predict that if she backed off of what she was intending to do now, her life would fall into a vicious cycle of deceitfulness that would never let her live in peace or move ahead. She'd be forever stuck on the same phase, the same page she'd been stuck at since last three years.

She couldn't allow herself to move back, not now.

"You're clear with what you have to do?" she asked, looking at Sidharth. There seemed a sly glint in her eyes, but it faded quickly. Replaced again by blankness.

"Yes, I am. But ...," he turned quiet. Sidharth clutched her hand even strongly. As if his life depended on it, as if with her exit, he wouldn't be able to breathe. "What if it goes wrong, what if the timing isn't right, like all the previous times? I don't want to lose you. I love so damn much that I'll be damned if something happened to you. I won't be able to forgive myself ever."

"You won't lose me, ever. I'm to stay in your life till we no longer can walk properly, and will walk only with each other's and our walking sticks' support. Our kids and grandkids will look at us and say: 'They were meant to last this long.' And then I have to make you go bankrupt as well. So no, you're not gonna lose me so soon, Mr. Husband Mehra." she squeezed his hand, and moved closer to peck his cheek.

But before her lips could touch his cheek, she felt Sidharth's lips crashing on hers. Wild and passionate, his kiss was numbing her. Yet it also conveyed what he was trying to speak but his words weren't supportive enough: he loved her and needed her in his life as long as he lived.
She realised it, as well.
In response to his kiss, Khushali was equally fervent. Her lips moved in the same rhythm as his, both didn't wish to stop. The fear of losing each other loomed around them, both knew.

However, it dawned on Khushali that she had to break apart or else Sidharth would never let her go. So, she pushed him slightly and without waiting to hear anything more, she marched toward the entrance of the office of Malhotras.

Her eyes were moist, it did hurt her heart to leave Sidharth behind. But she had come so far, that now looking back only would turn fatal for her and for those who mattered to her.

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