The Royal Ball Disaster

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"Avery! Let me do your make up properly," Sis said as she was doing my make up.

"Sis, this is so much work! I have never put make up before and you are doing it for so long!" I complained.

"Are my beautiful sisters ready for the ball?" Big brother said as he came to the room.

"Big brother, tell me something. Isn't Avery looks beautiful?" Sis said as she turned me towards big brother.

"Wow, my sister looks wonderful!" He said. "I like the dress. Did Amelia choose it?"

"Yeah," Sis said.

"Good choice," he said.

I was wearing a peach shiny long dress.

Dad and mom went to their business work and we were at home. We went outside of the house and I grabbed the gift that I bought for Radi and took it in the car. Big brother started to drive the car. After a while, we saw a huge castle. The picture of the castle is below.

The castle was very large. Big brother stopped his car on the parking lot and we got out of the car. I was kind of worried about sis since she is pregnant but big brother said that he will look after sis. We entered in then castle, finishing the ball room.

Suddenly, big brother got bumped to a young woman. He looked at her and said, "Hey Olivia!"

"Hi Alex!" She said.

"Do you know eachother?" Sis
Pppļtp"eOh yeah, we are collage friends!" He said. "Olivia, this is my sister, Amelia," he said as he looked at sis's "and, this is my youngest sister, Avery."

"Hello!" I said.

"Alex, can we talk about something? I mean . . . It has been so many years since we were together . . . And . . ." Olivia said.

"Sure," big brother said as he lead sis and her to another place for talking.

What does she mean by they were together? The dance started as they were couple, dancing. Where is the stupid Prince? I looked around and couldn't find him. I turned around and saw a stair case. Maybe, if I go upstairs then I can find Radi? I started to climb upstairs as I felt like people were dancing in a loud music. I went upstairs and started to search for Radi.

Suddenly, I felt somebody put a hand on my stomach and the other hand around me as a hug and leaned on my back. I could feel nervousness. I was going to be a break free from the hug and punched that person when I head him said, "Relax Avery, it is me, Radi." I turned my head finding him wearing a normal dress. Not too fancy yet quite handsome. Radi was wearing a red brownish coat with a pant. But for some reason he didn't wore a necklace tye.

"Radi?" I asked. Why is he wearing such simple dress? Isn't he suppose to wearing something prince like outfit for the ball?

Slowly, the lights turned dim and a slow music started to play with he piano and violent.

I looked down the stairs and saw that all the couple were dancing and to my surprise big brother was dancing with Olivia. Why are they dancing together? They are not a couple.

"A-hem!" I heard Radi cleared his throat.

I looked at him and he bend down and held his hand, "can I have a dance with you, beautiful?"

I blushed the way he said his words. I slowly put my hand on his and he smiled at me and pulled me away from the ball room upstairs and slowly started to couple dance. He slowly lead me out of the ball room onto the balcony of the palace.

"Why are we in the royal balcony? Why can't we go back to the ball room? " I asked.

"Because we want some privacy," he said as he put his held his hand up and I spined around him.

"Prince Radian!" We suddenly heard a somebody yelling.

We turned around finding a girl in a very short mini skirt and a revealing top dress. She ran towards us and pushed me aside. I was going to fall when Radi caught my hand and pull me towards him and made me stood upright. "Tania! What are you doing?!" Radi yelled as he looked at her in anger.

"Prince Radian, you are suppose to dance with me! Why are you dancing with a lowly girl like her!" She yelled.

"Tania! I never gave you the permission to talk to her like that! And don't call her lowly girl because a person doesn't become high and low with their money. They become high and low with their work, attitude, respect. You don't even have any self respect and you are calling her a lowly girl!? I would say that she is much more respectful that you are!" I heard Radi yelled.

I have never heard him yelling like that to somebody. Who is Tania?

"You are calling me lowly because of that girl! I am your fiancee, Prince Radian and she is only a city girl! Nobody cares about her!" She yelled.

I was shocked. Radi has a fiancee? For some reason, I felt sad. My heart was breaking. Radi has a fiancee and all the time he was playing with me? With my emotions about love? Tears were running down my eyes. So it was all a lie? It was all a game for him? He doesn't love me? I looked him and broke free from his hand and started to run.

"Wait! Avery, it is not what you think!" I heard Radi saying as he was running behind me.

My legs were hurting because of the highest heals but I was still running. "I don't want to hear your filty lies!" I cried as I ran.

"Avery, I love you! It is not a lie!" He said as he was still running behind me.

I saw a room and opened he door finding it having a huge staircase and a room downstairs. The door of that room was open and it lead to outside to the palace. I was running down the stairs.

"GUARDS! CLOSE THE ENTRANCE DOOR!" I heard Radi yelling more louder as some guards came and closed the door from behind.

Darn! I saw anoher door and started to run that way and it lead to a big kitchen.

"Avery, stop!" I heard him said as I ran towards the kitchen.

"Go back to your fiancee, Prince Radian!" I cried as I suddenly got bumped onto a steel thing which was connected to a huge wardrobe. The wardrobe moved a bit and was going to collapse on me. I looked behind to run but found wall behind me. The wardrobe fell and I looked away. After a while, I realise that the wardrobe didn't fell on me. I noticed somebody's hands on my sides. I looked straight and saw a manly person infront of me, leaning near me. Suddenly, some liquid fell on my forhead. I touched the liquid and took it on my hand, finding that it was blood. I looked upward finding Radi looking at me and his head was bleeding. The wardrobe was on the floor and it must had hit him on his back of his head. "Radi," I didn't know what to do. Seeing Radi like that . . . He was hurt because of me.


I looked at him in shock and didn't know what to do, but found myself responding to his kiss.

He broke free from the kiss and looked at me in my eyes and said, "Don't ever dought my love about you. I only love you and nobody can replace you. Atleast, give me some time to tell you my side of the story."

"Radi . . ."

Suddenly, he collapsed on the ground.

"RADI!" I cried.

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