□•□ A stray firework changed the lives of Aamirah and Hamid Omar on 4th July. Aamirah's kind uncle and aunt have raised these siblings ever since. However, with four kids of their own and time-consuming careers, Ismail and Husna struggle to balance their lives.

Sometimes religion tends to take a backseat in the Omar family.

Aamirah takes it upon herself to be a devout Muslim. She decides to Choose The Right Path.

A good Muslim never lets others go astray, though. With the help of her best friend and younger brother, Aamirah decides put the Omar children on the right path, whilst trying not to be thrown off-track herself by a handsome play boy who has just joined Delphia High. ■°■

~Choosing the Right Path~

Everybody said it would be worth it...

...Nobody said it would be easy.


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