Café of love!~ Isogai x Reader

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This was requested by akirasti

I don't know why I named it this XD

(B/G/F/N) = Best guy friend's name

(B/G/F/L/N) = Best guy friend's last name

(N/N) = Nickname

(F/C) = Favourite cake

(F/D) = Favourite drink


One day someone goes into a café. That someone is you (L/N) (F/N). You're only here for one reason, but will you get something else out of it?

"(B/G/F/N)!!" You say as you spot him serving a customer. But who could blame you? You haven't seen him since you were both 10.

"(Y/N)!" He yells back at you once he turns around. Just like old times you run, and tackle him down right in the middle of the café just to hug him.

"Hey, when do you get off work?" You ask with excitement in your eyes once you get back up.

"Sorry (N/N), I just started a few minutes ago, so you would need to wait for a while."

"It's fine. I can wait. Can I sit here? I'll buy something so you don't have to worry!" You say while pointing to the direction of an empty seat.

"Sure just don't cause any trouble. I'll get to you in a second." (B/G/F/N) said while he ruffled your hair. You just smiled like a child when he did that. It felt like old times.

When you sat down you noticed another waiter approaching you instead of (B/G/F/N). He's really attractive...HEY! Don't think of that!!! He has golden eyes and brown hair, plus he has two small and cute ahoges (Is there even a plural for ahoge XD)

"Welcome! What would you like?" He asks once he arrives at your table.

"Umm...(F/C) and (F/D) please."

"Okay I'll be back with your order." He said with a heartwarming smile. You could tell that it wasn't a fake one people give you sometimes. Then he left you and went into the kitchen. Afterwards he finally showed up.

"Ne (Y/N), I see you've meet Isogai." (B/G/F/N) said while wiggling his eyebrows.

"Yeah. He seems nice."

"Nice? That's probably an understatement (N/N)! Once his friends came and each time he would do something, they would call him an ikemen...well he is one."

After the ikemen came back with your order.

"Thank you!" You said while he put down your cake and drink.

"Ah. (B/G/F/L/N) you know her?"

"Yup! She's my best friend. Technically when we were 10 though." (B/G/F/N) said with a laugh.

"I still am though! Gosh! You don't have to be so mean about it~" You said jokingly with a pout. "My name's (L/N) (F/N), it's nice to meet you!" You introduced yourself with a smile.

"I'm Isogai Yuuma, it's nice to meet you too."

Timeskip from the ikemen's ahoges c:

You both hit it off really well on the day you met each other. Over time you noticed yourself going more than usual to talk with (B/G/F/N) and Isogai. But more with Isogai. You learned about him and he learned about you too. You couldn't even believe it's been 3 months since you've met Isogai.

Today was one of the days you visited. When you walked in, you notice Isogai talking with a group of people. They also kept commenting on him being an ikemen. Especially the girls. It made you feel weird in the chest.

"Oh (Y/N)-san, you're here today I see." Isogai says while coming over to your table. "I'm guessing the usual?"

"Yes, thanks Isogai-kun!"

While you were talking with Isogai, the little group of friends were observing Isogai's conversation with you. Especially the blond haired friend.

Once Isogai gave you your order, Maehara called him over. "Ne, Isogai you like her don't you?" Who knew he could figure this out in a few minutes...well he is a playboy, so I guess he can tell if a girl likes him in a short amount of time.

"Ehhh?!?!" The group screamed. Maybe Maehara should have told him in private or at least been a little quieter. But luckily you weren't listening to their conversation.

"I mean I wouldn't blame you, she's really hot!" He said with a smile. Is that the only thing this guy thinks about?!

"I-I don't l-like her like that!" He stuttered out. That just made it more obvious to Maehara that his best friend likes the girl.

"C'mon just tell her! Or I could tell her instead." Maehara said with an evil smile. Isogai knew he had to do this himself if he didn't want to die from embarrassment.

"Fine. I'll do it. It would be more blackmail for you to use if I don't..." He sighed.

"That's my boy! He's growing up so fast." Maehara said sounding like Koro-sensei (He's acting like a proud parent XD).

When he walked over you thought that he just wanted to talk about his life and your own. It's what you would usually talk about with him. didn't expect to see him blushing a bright red like a tomato (Or Karma"s hair).

"U-um...(Y/N) you like to go on a date with me sometime?" He looked so timid. He looked so innocent. He looked so cute...and hot at the same time!


"It's fine if you don't want-" He started but got caught off by you giving a little peck on his cheek.

"How about this Sunday?" You giggled and then winked at him. When you looked down at your phone you realized it was getting late. "Oh, sorry I need to go!" But before you left you put a piece of paper on the table.

When he picked it up he read it and it said...

Call me! You can surprise me on where we're going to go!


Behind the scenes:

Me: Wow you got her phone number c:

Isogai: Yeah it surprised me -//////-

Me: Yuuma you're really growing up fast! *pats his head*

Isogai: But I'm older than you *sweatdrop* °-°

Me: Shh...stop ruining the moment (*'>д<)
I bet people want a part 2 just to be on a date with you ヾ(*'∀`*)ノ

Isogai: Don't overwork yourself! (~>__<~)

Me: I know, I know! *cries a little* You're so considerate! Ikemen! *Hugs him*

Next request:

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I've never done a love triangle before ('・_・') Oh well XD

Hope you liked it!


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