Chapter 12 - Invitation, Declination, & Declaration

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(*Author's Note: Depiction of Seth above.)

"K-kora..." I sputtered dumbly. "My name's Kora." I recovered weakly, taking in the massive God before me. His deep blue eyes and long golden locks could easily put Micheal Angelo's David to shame.

"Mmm, Kora. Sounds so nice coming off the tongue." Seth's voice was lust incarnate.

"Koraline," Adrian retaliated quickly. "her name is Koraline." He growled, his honey voice low and venomous.

"Ah, don't want your pet addressed so intimately, brother?" Seth chuckled and his deep voiced filled the entirety of the room, sending reverberations all through my body.

"She's a lady, far from a pet." Adrian spat crossly. "And she's here on business. Mine. Seth, so you'll treat her justly." He seethed, his icy blue eyes piercing into the handsome God.

"Hahaha, okay, little brother." Seth chuckled, unaffected by Adrian's unfurling anger. "I can see you're adamant about the topic."

"More than the topic, I assure you."

"Umm, so... Why are you here?" I asked, raising a brow to Adrian questioningly. I could of swore his blue eyes turned green as he stared a hole through Seth, reaching to cuff my wrist and pull me under his arm.

"My you waste no time getting to the point, do you, Koraline?" Seth laughed, smiling devilishly as he put emphasis on addressing me by my full name.

"Seems pointless to beat around the bush." I shrugged.

"Mmm, depends on the situation, Darling." He smirked wickedly.

"That's enough, Seth." Adrian barked. "Get to it already."

"Fine," He grumbled, running his long fingers through his long golden tendrils. "Enzo paid me a visit, he wanted to notify me that him and his associates had no intention of repaying your... services." He said the last word carefully, shooting Adrian a knowing look.

"Is that so." Adrian's voice was low and deadly. Reminding me that I was indeed in the arms of Death himself.

"Indeed." Seth continued, leaning casually against Adrian's desk. "In fact he wanted to enlist my help."

"To do what?" Adrian prodded.

"To eliminate any retaliation you may seek to implement against himself and his affiliates." Seth's words were heavy and I could only guess the true weight of his news.

"So, Enzo thinks he has the ability to dispose of me, that ungrateful little shit." Adrian growled. "Like he can stop any desire I seek to fulfill even if my whim is to have his head on a silver platter." His laughter was wicked, and the chill that rolled down my spine made my stomach lurch.

"He seems to think he can handle you, pretty cocky about the matter actually. His self-assured egotism seems to run in the family." The Sea God mused, clearly amused by Adrian's outburst.

"You would know." Adrian said dryly. "So you're here to warn me, is that it?"

"Yes, and to offer you my assistance." Seth said carefully, his ocean blue gaze meeting Adrian's evenly.

"You think I want your help?" Adrian scoffed harshly.

"Look, I know you'r still upset about what happened." Seth said gingerly, the first display of seriousness he had made thus far. "It was a mistake." He appealed to Adrian and I couldn't contain the curiosity surfacing in me. Clearly there was much bad blood here.

"Upset, I'm beyond such petty emotion." Adrian growled. "I know a snake when I see one, brother. And you are no less treacherous than that infection Enzo."

"Adrian-" Seth began.

"No, brother. Stay if you like. Hell, make yourself at home even. I'm not so low that I would caste out my own family but be clear, I don't want or need any help from you. You take help from those you can trust, and you - you are no longer in any confidence of mine." He spat, pulling me along as he stormed out of the room, leaving Seth alone with only the look of guilt burdening his beautiful features.

* * * *

I stayed silent as Adrian led me down the intricate halls of his castle, so complex it was as if he navigated a labyrinth of his own design.

I was lost in thought as Adrian finally swept into a room, the large black doors swung open effortlessly as Adrian pulled me inside.

"Adria-" I began.

"Shh, Koraline." Adrian cooed, pulling me into his arms as his soft lips crashed down on mine. His long fingers trailing slowly down my body as he grasped my thighs firmly, effortlessly pulling me into the air and wrapping my legs around his waist as his kisses became hungrier.

My blood boiled as Adrian's soft tongue swept over my own, playfully caressing it as his kisses deepened with passion like a spreading wildfire. His hands slid from the soft skin of my thighs to grasp just below my ass. I felt my whole body flush deeply as he pulled me even closer, allowing me to feel every hard contour of his body.

My mind reeled as I realized we must be in Adrian's private room, my heart fluttered rapidly in my chest like a caged sparrow. I kissed Adrian eagerly as he laid me back against the soft sheets of his bed, his body crawling over top mine as he slowly inched my dress up my body and over my head, his icy blue eyes piercing me even in the dim, candle lit room as he sent the cotton material soaring to the floor below.

"If I die tonight, Koraline." Adrian's beautiful, silk voice was filled with raw urgency. "I want it to be in your embrace." He whispered to me through the darkness as he lips crashed down on me again and again.

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