The Next Morning

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Ah yes I already started the next chapter like 10 days ago, and now I'm doing it lmao.


Sexual Content Warning.

Antonio's POV

I wiped my hands on my legs of the sweat that was on them. I smiled at the Brit, "Okay.... I-I'm ready..." I muttered softly.

"It would be better if we got into the mood, but I still apologize if I'm a bit too rough, mate."

"I-It's fine, mi amigo." I laid onto the bed, leaning back softly as Arthur crawled onto me. Arthur softly kissed the me, licking my lips to say open my mouth. I opened it slightly, letting the Brit's tongue explore mine.

I softly moaned, as shivers went up and down my spine. Arthur's hand went into my shirt, tweaking a nipple and making me gasp. "Let's take off this shirt shall we?" Arthur said, and I shivered inwardly. He seemed like a whole different person, with lust invading his blood.

My shirt was off, next thing I knew, and he sucked and licked at my nipples. A cry came from my lips. "A-Ah~ Arthur..."

A knee went between my legs, "Let's get all the clothing off now~" He said and I nodded.

~With Kiku And Alfred~

Kiku shuddered, letting a soft moan be released from his lips. "A-Alfred-San..." He muttered softly. Alfred kissed at Kiku's neck, sucking his neck softly. As Kiku let out a small cry of pleasure, Alfred took note that was his sweet spot.

Alfred kissed Kiku once again, swirling their tongues together. Alfred seemed a bit shyer than Arthur but nonetheless he was kissing him. Kiku felt himself harden, and he blushed in embarrassment.

Alfred kissed down Kiku's chest, until he met the teen's private part. Kiku squirmed around softly.

"...Don't worry, Keeks." He muttered, caressing Kiku's cheek, attempting to sooth the teen.

Who said he was allowed pet names? Kiku thought to himself, he didn't even notice his pants now gone along with his boxers.

~With Gilbert And Matthew~

"...I don't want to do this." Matthew muttered.

"...It'll be fine you know." Gilbert said. "Even though I have an awesome 5 meters, you'll be fine."

"I doubt its '5 meters'. But okay, I'll believe you."

"How can you disbelieve me? I'm so awesome aren't I?"

"Not really."

"Ow, Matthew, you wound me."

"Whatever, let's just get this over with." Matthew was laid on the bed, and Gilbert on top of him. Gilbert nodded, opening the teen's shirt and picking at the teen's nipples, determined to make Matthew feel good.

Matthew let out a small cry. Gilbert mentally noted that Matthew was sensitive. He licked the nipple, liking how Matthew shuddered in pleasure under Gilbert. He took it in his mouth and sucked at it.

"A-ah~ That feels good there..." Matthew whispered, like the rest of his speech had been, quiet and shy. But the teen definitely was snarky, though naturally submissive. Ivan didn't like the snarky ones.

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