The Wicked Witch, Rapunzel, and Sticky Diet Coke

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 I actually made a chapter before this one, but it didn't feel right. Seriously. I tried to look at the comments for inspiration and I found hers ^^^ which is a good idea, so I have decided to put a few chapters about the current life so it won't be boring. Don't get confuse, of the moment, I'll put the year she's in. :D

Chapter 4


     "You're hair grew longer," Allyson said, a friendly smile plastered in her cute, round face. "It looks nice." She sat beside me.

    As I stare at the tree that was in front of me, I smiled a smile of gratitude. She's one of the friendliest people in this school and I was thankful for the nice compliment, but she flatters almost everyone in school so she isn't exactly my friend. No one wants to hang out with a loser like me. The only reason Allyson talks to me is because she felt pity towards me and because she's too nice. "Thanks for noticing," I said.

     She giggled, as if I said something hilarious. She continued to shook, her laughter capturing the attention of many people. "I'm not the only who noticed. I'm just the first person who can actually tell you that. People don't have the guts to talk to you anymore, not even Jackie." Her laughter abruptly stopped as soon as she said her name.

     My heart started aching. Jackie. She was my best friend, the person I dependent on, and one of the people I deeply care about. She abandoned me. She left me. She ignores me. I should hate her, but I don't. The only person I despise is Xavier.

     "I'm sorry," she whispered, her face full of guilt. "I didn't mean to bring that up .It just slipped. I don't want to hurt you more."

     I shook my head. "It's not your fault.  How is she?" I asked curiously. I was still concerned about what happens to her, because I still believe she cares about me. She just can't show it.

     "She's not the same person she was," she said sadly. "You shouldn't think of her as a friend anymore. I don't think she cares about you."

     I closed my eyes. "You're wrong," I said softly, but harshly.

     "She kissed Xavier, while you two were dating."

     I kept my eyes close as I shook my head hastily. "Xavier compelled her. It wasn't her fault; she was drunk. It's Xavier's fault, not hers."

     She kept quiet, realizing there was no way to persuade me about the past. I knew it was Xavier's fault and there's no one who change that truth and bring the blame to my best friend.

      Soon I grasp an idea unexpected, something I wouldn't expect coming from her. "You're dating him, aren't you?" Her defending him kind of gave it away. Girls don't usually defend him, because he broke almost all the girl's heart in this school.

     She shrugged.

    I knew the answer was yes. This idea came to me, because he is a player. After he broke up with Jackie, he continued dating other girls. Jackie didn't take it well. I didn't when he cheated on me. Maybe that's why Jackie is suddenly cruel, because he broke up with her.  

     "He's going to break your heart, do you not that," I told her. It's his basic routine. He dates a girl for at least two weeks and dumps them. I can't believe I even fell for that guy, but then again, he was never like this. He was actually the complete opposite. He was one of nicest guys I met, but he changed.

     She looked away, trying to hold her tears. I suddenly felt bad. "Maybe you're right," she said softly. "We dated for two weeks and I got a text last night saying he wanted to speak to me."

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