27 ~ Ryan

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Ryan sat on the couch stroking Felix's hair as she rested her head on his chest. They were expected at headquarters for a briefing soon, and he had a million thoughts running through his head, but his brain kept returning to the image of Felix sucking him off in the kitchen. Her list of amazing talents just kept growing.

On the phone, Harris had insisted they follow Donovan's instructions, but Ryan didn't want Felix within fifty miles of the meeting place. He had imagined a female agent posing as Felix, but Donovan made that difficult when he said Felix had to be the voice on the other end of the phone. Sure, Felix would be wearing a bulletproof vest during the takedown, but a vest wouldn't protect her from a bullet to the head.

Calculating everything he knew up to that point, Ryan worked hard to process it all, specifically the information they found on Jenny's flash drive, or lack of it. Was she working for herself? Was she working solely with Andy? Had Donovan found out and ordered a hit on the woman? Was Andy's cyber affair with her a fake to get her to return to Chicago?

"Felix, I need to ask you something," Ryan said. "And I apologize ahead of it time if it upsets you, but your answer could make a significant impact on this case."

"Go ahead." Her eyes were closed but her body felt far from relaxed.

"I've been wracking my brain about the woman you saw murdered. We still don't know why she returned to Chicago and ended up in the home of the people she had been running from. How much do you know about her?"

"I met her at a party, the same one I met Donovan at. I found out later she was involved in the criminal activities, but I never worked with her directly. Andy was the mastermind behind all that. I knew she had ditched the group only because Andy went through a bout of moodiness, and when I asked him what was wrong, he confided in me that Jenny had gone to the cops and ratted out a couple of people Andy knew. He was worried she was going to turn him in, but she never did."

"Did you ever suspect he was being unfaithful?" Ryan hated himself for bringing up painful memories, but the information could help save her ass.

"No, but maybe I should have. We led pretty separate lives. He traveled a lot without me, work-related trips. At least, that's what he told me."

"Is there anyone you can think of who might know whether Andy and Jenny were seriously involved? One of the assholes, maybe? I'm just trying to figure out the reason she was killed. If she was still working with these people from her place in Alabama, and she was as valuable to the cause as you are, why would they kill her? Maybe she was simply lured to her death for betraying them. If we can find a link, it will bump up your survival rate."

"Well, Andy is always trying to impress Carlos. Andy may have bragged to him about getting something on the side. If I play it right, I could get Carlos to spill a few beans. You know, call him up crying and ask him if Andy had a secret affair with Jenny. I could tell him I need confirmation so I know how hard to hit Andy when I see him. That would probably work."

"It sounds like Andy and Carlos are rivals."

"You could say that. Carlos has always wanted me as his girlfriend, in spite of the nasty shit he says to me. I've noticed he uses foul language as a way to deal with his feelings. If I convince him I'm ready to ditch Andy, it might loosen his lips."

"Would you be able to talk to Carlos without giving away your intentions? If he suspects you're playing him that will put you at a higher risk and we'll have to scrub the mission. I'm not letting you ride into the woods with nothing but a bullet proof vest separating you from death."

Felix sat up and sealed his mouth with a kiss. She took her time, grazing his cheek with her fingertips as their tongues fought for supremacy. He could kiss her forever. 

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