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The breeze outside made the lush curtains dance and the hot summer air filled the room. My heart thumped harder as I looked behind expecting the worst.

Seeing nothing suspicious, I leaned against the wall puffing out the breath I was holding.

There on the sofa, lay the body of the woman I despised with all my heart, and I was sure she felt the same towards me.

I don’t know what to do now that I have murdered some one, I never thought it would come to this, Earlier I had planned to get back to her in every possible manner after what she had caused us to go through, but when I came here things slightly turned, she had not come with the police as I suspected she would, but she had a plan to kill me instead.

She had come into the compound not aware that I wouldn’t be in the house; she walked towards the back door, slid off her shoes and started tip toeing inside. I held back laughter not having imagined her to be so naïve. Something caught my eye as she went past the window; she was holding a gun ready in action. My heart beats increased at that moment, and all I could think of was running away as fast as I could, but something caught me back, the pain, the regret, the changes she had caused to my life, I would never let her get away with it.

I crouched deeper under the bushes vowing to fight this battle. Several minutes later I heard a shout

 “Where are you bitch? Get out of your hiding place!

She was getting angry, this was good, she was loosing her sharpness, and I waited for her until she had combed through the whole house and decided she was going to wait.

I raised myself from the bushes and dusted my dark brown leather outfit, the dry sticks and leaves crunched under my feet as the leather boots stepped on them, suddenly I felt bigger, I felt able as I slithery moved towards the front door.

Before I stepped inside I took out the recorder and placed on the nearest window that faced the den. That was where she was waiting for me; I could sense it, since for the past months I have been trained to be a near assassin. Sense was very acute in me, and my master kept saying that I was born with that gift.

My boots echoed in the empty hallway as I walked towards the den, the recorder started playing “Hey honey, why are you in a hurry? The voice sounded so real that it made me almost jump too.

“We have a visitor babe” I shouted back hoping for the perfect timing when it would reply.

As it was replying she emerged from the den looking crazed and pointing a gun at my chest, square.

“Who is it honey? Is it Andy? I told you to let that woman be, she is mad!

“Well don’t look like she really is, she and I have some business to discuss” I shouted back eyeing her thoughtfully.

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