Chapter Sixteen

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I can't believe I actually paid attention in my classes today. I normally fall behind and don't really care. But today was different. Maybe it was because everything was interesting. It could also be possible that I wasn't distracted by any guys, since I only really cared about Grayson. My last class was over, so I made my way to Uncle Dresden's classroom.

One of my other teachers, Ms. Edge, was talking to Uncle Dresden. She was fairly pretty with curly deep red hair down to her chest and the perfect pale complexion. Her blue eyes seemed to hold Uncle Dresden in a daze as she spoke to him. I was actually jealous of her beauty. When she noticed me she closed off their conversation and left without another word. Uncle Dresden sighed, "No, we aren't dating."

"I wasn't going to ask that." I said softly before readjusting my messenger bag on my shoulder. Uncle Dresden blushed slightly, "Oh, sorry. Most people ask. What is it?"

"Would you please not let Mom know I told you she's pregnant? I'm not even supposed to know. Please, just let her tell you?" I said, stuttering slightly. What if he tells Mom? Dresden gave a little smile, "Alright, munchkin. What's this I heard about you trying to turn a human?"

I sighed and shook my head before running a hand through my hair as Uncle Dresden sat down on the edge of his desk. How do I even go about explaining this to him? I nervously looked down at the tiled floor, "He was scared and I didn't want him to be mistreated by someone. So I tried to change him."

To my surprise, when I looked up at him, he was smiling, "You sound like me. I'm proud of you. I once set every human in that place free. It didn't work since everyone was caught, but at least I tried. Though next time, get the approval of the council before trying to change a human into a vampire."

"I'll try to remember that. I'll see you tomorrow, Uncle Dresden." I said and left his classroom. I weaved my way through the many other students in the halls and outside to the front of the school. I saw Jace talking to some other guys and walked over towards them. He's already made friends and I've just spent my day talking to Morgan. At least she's cool, even if she is family. When I got beside Jace, I realized the other guys weren't friends as they were arguing.

"You seriously think I am afraid of you?" Jace asked, seeming slightly amused and annoyed at the other guys. The guy in front of Jace folded his arms across his chest, making him seem like he had more muscles. He had light brown hair that was slicked back a little, making his face seem longer than it was. He had bright green eyes, a square jaw, and a muscular build that was perfect for playing sports. With the black letterman jacket he was wearing, I assumed he was a sport player. I didn't want Jace to get in a fight this early on in the school year, so I grabbed his arm, "Let it go, Jace."

"Yeah, listen to your little girlfriend. You aren't good enough for my sister anyways." The guy said, a smug look on his face. I narrowed my eyes at him. Does he seriously think I am Jace's girlfriend? We look too much alike to be mistaken for anything other than brother and sister. The guy and his two other friends who seemed to look a lot like him, style wise, laughed as if they had said something funny. I folded my arms across my chest and took a step towards them, "First off, I'm his sister. Second, Jace is good enough for anyone."

The guy rolled his eyes and laughed again, "Whatever, you look like another slut to me."

Without thinking, I punched the guy as hard as I could on the jaw. I was not a slut and I'll be damned if someone thinks of me as one. The guy stumbled backwards, from shock and from the blow. He growled at me and raised his fist like he was about to hit me back. If he wanted to fight me, I wouldn't hesitate in trying to beat him to a pulp. Jace grabbed me from behind and shoved me out of the way as the guy swung his fist towards me. I growled at Jace and looked up to see him dodge the punch from the guy then uppercut him in the jaw. I took a step towards them to hit the guy again when a hand grabbed my arm. I looked behind me to make eye contact with a guy I hadn't seen before. He had long dark brown, almost black hair that was swept off to one side, a chunk of hot pink color in his bangs. His icy blue eyes stared into mine, making me calm down, "Let it go, teachers are coming."

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