Stridercest (Dave x Dirk) part 1

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QUICK A.N!: THIS IS NOT DAVE X BRO ITS DAVE X DIRK! ^^ happy reading, this is my first Lemon so sorry if it sucks... and also they're both trans in this one, (It's one of my headcannons srry)

(P.S This is through Dave's POV)

    It was a hot day in Texas,  I was sitting on the couch in only my binder and boxers. Dirk was laying on the tiled floor that was cold, He was only wearing a long T-Shirt and Boxers.

   "Hey Bro," I said awkwardly, "Yes?" Dirk Replied. "Umm wanna play the Xbox or something...? "Sure I guess..." Dirk looked at me, taking his shades of, exposing those lovely eyes of his that I adore so much. I get up and turn on the Xbox, my hands shake as I hand him his remote. I slide a random disk in the disk slot. and get ready to play, of course its call of duty. "What a cliche game" Dirk says yawning "Its not THAT  bad" I reply sticking my tongue out at Dirk. "Oh shut up its a horrible game." He retorts scowling at me. 

     "I look at him biting my lip, unfortunately he sees. He chuckles as I look at the TV blushing a bright shade of red. He leans over and kisses my cheek "THAT'S FUCKING GAY!" I exclaim "YOUR FUCKING GAY" Dirk says laughing "I'LL SHOW YOU FUCKING GAY!" I yell at him leaning in to kiss him... "Dave?!" He questions me " Wow..." he looks down. "DIRK I-I LIKE YOU, A LOT, MORE THAN LOT ACTUALLY!" I yell. Dirk  picks me up bridal style, "What?" I whisper, He puts me down on the bed kissing and sucking on my neck. Dirk takes my glasses of and throws them to the side, and then continues making a row of hickeys down my neck, I moan his name and tug on his hair. He slides off my boxers, He picks me up and puts me on his lap." Dirk? What are you-!" He slides his fingers into my opening  "DIRK!" I yell

Dirk pumps his fingers in and out of my soaking wet Lady spot. I throw my head back moaning, He stops suddenly and moves me to the edge of the bed where he jumps off. He gets onto his knees and licks my vagina, He continues to eat me out for another minute or so, "DAMNIT, I'M GONNA- OH GOD RIGHT THERE DIRK! FUCK!" I moan loudly. I reach my orgasm screaming and crying out Dirks name" Dirk pulls backs and licks his lips. I hear a knock on the bedroom door and look in horror as Bro walks in, then walks right back out...


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