That Basic Bitch Leaves Finally

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Chapter 11: That Basic Bitch Leaves Finally


Blaze had ignored me on the whole ride to her house. I would have messed with her if I was able to follow her into her home but I had to pick up Brooke from hers. We were all going to a hang out later at our friends Ashton's house. He was inviting a lot of people from our college and a few previously high school seniors to his place to chill. It was supposed to be a moderate crowd with some music, some drinks, games, and a few blunts. I wasn't going to be participating in the smoking but I was fine with being around the environment as long as it didn't turn into a Hot Box.

The ride to Brookes house took a while since she lived pretty far from both Mayne and I. Brookes family liked to separate themselves from everyone for an unknown reason. I knew that Tessa was very close to my parents but Brian seemed to be very distant from everyone. I assumed that, that was why they never really came to my Fathers house or the Capone's home often. I found it weird that Brian and my Dad were supposedly the best of friends when they were younger but now they hardly looked at each other. I couldn't imagine only being best friends with someone for only a small amount of time. Mayne and I have been best friends for about 21 years now and that time would only grow, as we got older.

I reached their four story home in about twenty minutes and got myself prepared to be in the presence of Brooke's scary Father and my crazy Aunt. I didn't even have to knock on the door before Brian was opening it. Brian was a tall white man with curly brown hair. He had very dark brown eyes that always seemed to be in glares whenever they were looking at my Father or me. I had learned to get used to them, he'd been doing it ever since I started puberty. It was weird too. Maybe he thought I resembled my Dad or something, and since he didn't seem to like my Dad I would get why he wouldn't like me.

"Hello Brian," I greeted him stiffly and he nodded before stepping out my way so I could come in.

"Brooke is upstairs with Tessa," he informed me and I nodded before making my way up his narrow steps. His dark eyes followed my movement and I felt my skin prickle because of how uncomfortable I was. I was grateful when I finally reached Brookes room and rolled my eyes when the sound of explicit rap music filled my ears through her closed door. I walked in without knocking because whatever they were doing wouldn't have been surprising and they weren't really big on privacy.

"I question you as a mother," I laughed at my aunt as I watched her and my cousin twerking in front of a mirror. "Is this what you should be teaching your daughter?" I asked sarcastically as I plopped myself down on Brookes pink bed that was covered with stuffed animals.

"Actually yes. I cant have you guys taking her to parties and she doesn't know how to throw that ass in a circle." Aunt Tessa responded with a roll of her eyes and I chuckled. "Show your cousin what I taught you," She said to Brooke and Brooke laughed before getting into a squat, placing her hands on her knees, and then moving her butt in a crooked circle. Since Brooke had a pretty petite butt it didn't move that much but it didn't look bad. If she was to dance at a party people wouldn't make fun of her but they wouldn't exactly praise her. I clapped my hands at her display and she smiled proudly. "She'll get better in time. "

"Thanks, Mom. I really needed that lesson. But, I'm tired now," Brooke said breathlessly, laying down next to me.

"You kids have your fun. I'll see you later. Are you spending a night at Jay's or are you coming home?" Tessa asked her daughter while she had her bedroom door open, ready to leave.

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