Third Tragedy

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Percy and Perses brought the Elder Cyclopes, cyclopes and Briares, because he's the last Hekatonchires or Hundred Handed Ones, into the House of Hades.

He then explained what is happening. "Long story short, I brought you guys here for two reasons. The gods are corrupted with their power. They need to be taken down. Second reason, you guys are the brothers of the Titans and that is saying something. And the fact that you guys are as powerful as storms. We need you."

One Elder Cyclops raised his hand. "Um, we are kind of allied with the gods so yeah. You know."

Percy appeared to be thinking. Finally, he managed to sway them to his side. "You do know that the gods don't think of you that much, right? They only see you as hideous beasts, tools to use in war. They don't care about you. Hell, they don't even let you on their precious little city. They just dumped you in Poseidon's palace. Join me and I swear on the river Styx I will let you get the honor you rightfully deserve."

The cyclopes and Briares began to think about this. What he said was true. They felt that the gods don't care about them. The very beings who forged Zeus, Poseidon and Hades' symbols of power. Enough! They decided. They were the children of the Earth and Sky.

"We're in." Briares said.

Percy nodded and grinned. The higher a structure is, the easier it falls.

"Bring the army! We will wage war in the place where their children lives, Camp Half-Blood."

Percy appeared with the army in front of Camp Half-Blood. A few feet away, a napping Peleus was coiled around Thalia's tree.

The ground started to shake at Percy's anger. Peleus snapped awake and stopped at the sight of his old friend.

Being the Lord of Monsters, Percy can talk telepathically to the dragon.

Please Peleus, join me. I do not want to kill you old friend. Join me and I will free you from that crap life you're living. No more guarding a tree for you Peleus. Join me.

The dragon thought why not. Peleus slithered over to Percy who grinned. Percy then summoned the Fleece and gave it to Perses. "Do whatever you want with it."

Summoning Conquest Diamond, he shot the tree which exploded to a million pieces. The conch horn sounded three times which summoned the campers to him. Percy let the cover drop and the previously hidden army appeared out of nowhere, bloodthirsty and numerous.

This summoned the gods who showed up in battle regalia. Percy laughed at this.

"Perseus! You were banished to the pit! I'll give you a chance to crawl back to your damnation!" Zeus tried to command the god of chaos.

Percy snorted at this. Deciding that they needed to be taught a lesson, he let his aura flow.

The Olympians gasped at this display of power but not enough to get through their thick heads. They charged.

Percy cracked his neck and War Diamond appeared in his hand. Survivor's Eye of the Tiger played in the backround and Percy created the Force using his creation powers.

3... 2... 1... Zeus threw his master bolt at Percy who used the Force to stop it in midair and shot it back to Zeus. The king of the gods was blasted back into the crowd of demigods.

"Rising up back on the street," Percy sang along with Eye of the Tiger as his old friends appeared to attack him.

"Took my time, took my chances," Percy saw Paris ride Blackjack who was clearly being forced to fly. Percy growled as the fake warrior kick Blackjack to make him land.

"Went the distance now I'm back on my feet, just a man and his will to survive." Percy kicked Paris in the knee.

"So many times, it happens too fast," Percy got ready to remove his head when he turned around and elbowed invisible Annabeth in the jaw and use her as a meat shield for Artemis and the Hunt's arrow. He then used his Fear domain to make Artemis faint.

"You change your passion for glory," Percy encircled Paris with primordial fire, only the user can put it out.

"Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past, you must fight just to keep them alive." He used the Force to take Ares' sword from him and stab him with it. The god of war was unconscious.

"It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight," Percy stabbed Athena's right eye with his finger in which Athena instinctively clutched it. Percy then used his sword to make cuts all over her body. She started to bleed out.

"Rising up to the challenge of our rival," Percy used black lightning on Zeus which made him fall to the ground and caused him really bad burns and shaking uncontrollably.

"And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night and he's watching us all in the..." Percy used his earth powers to make a gigantic hand which closed around Piper and Aphrodite and crushed them inside. It then disintegrated into dirt which revealed the two to be a mess of blood. "EYE of the tiger."

"Face to face, out in the heat," Using his creation powers, he created Kylo Ren's lightsaber. He burned Clarisse with it numerous times until she looks like a badly burned rag doll.

"Hangin' tough, stayin' hungry," Percy sang as he summoned Kylo Ren's costume and he looked like Kylo Ren.

"They stack the odds 'til we take to the street," He kicked Paris in the face with his Stygian iron boots.

"For we kill with the skill to survive." Percy punched his father in the stomach and took his trident.

He snapped his fingers and the music came to a sudden stop.

"OLYMPIANS! Remember me? The former son of Poseidon whom you threw into the pit a decade ago? Well I'm back! With a few tricks up the sleeve. The Fates visited me a few hours after I fell and turned me into a god. Specifically, the god of chaos, elements, lightning, balance, battle, creation, time, storms, fate, fear, pestilence, conquest, death, destruction and darkness. Lord of Monsters, Champion of the Primordials, Child of Fate and Bane of Olympus." Percy yelled out. "I am here for revenge! This is only the beginning. This little display of mine is not even a fraction of my true power. Beware Olympians, this day is the same day I was thrown into Tartarus, this day is the start of your downfall, the downfall of the gods, the downfall of Olympus!"

The army roared in agreement. "I will be a fair man and let you prepare for war."

Percy summoned back Apocalypse and struck it into the ground and a gigantic crack appeared. The crack opened and a gigantic crevice led into the pit appeared. Percy and his army descended into Tartarus, leaving an angry Olympian council and terrified demigods behind.

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