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^^ she's not that pregnant but that picture is flawless and that's what she's wearing.


A LOT OF RESPONSIBILITIES CAME ALONG with having a partner. there's always making sure that one another stays loyal, is always loved and protected by that person no matter the consequences. there's having that type of high feeling over the person you love. then, there's the part where you argue. the part where the love of your life begins to throw things at you, tries to leave while the other tries as much as they could to lure you back into the house, just so you could make up for your mistakes. apologize for the actions you've made including past actions and even current ones. but in this case, there's the part where your pregnant girlfriend cries and screams in your face, all because she wanted taco bell.

"I want it!" Harry rolled his eyes at her yelling, sighing deeply out of his nose as he rolled his head around, trying to convince her to take the special bath he made for her, but she wanted to be a brat and complain about food when he was trying to get things in order so he could do what he planned to do in the first place.

Harry didn't bother saying anything, instead, he grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bathroom, gently ridding her of night clothes and picking her up before delicately setting her in the tub, her big mouth soon stopping when she felt how warm and comfortable it was. Harry sighed again, kissing her growing stomach before doing the same to her lips and making his way out and back into their bedroom. By now Harry knew not to argue with a pregnant woman because they only got like that because of the ridiculous hormones and need for craving anything.

It's been at least 3 and a half months into their pregnancy and although Harry was absolutely thrilled, he was exhausted every minute of the day. Estella got cranky and she was annoying but he loved her to death and even though times were tough, he'd never give up a fight for the woman he loved and their two, growing children.

Harry recalled the day clearly. The day Estella had a big burger and some curly fries practically smothered in ketchup, but also the day she had gotten her first ultrasound. It was a surprise for the both of them mainly because they would have never expected to be having twins. It was a shocking moment, but also a moment Harry could never forget. He remembered precisely the expression she made; surprised but yet, crying as if everything felt right, as if that was supposed to happen for them.

There was this theory Estella always had about babies. Her theory may have sounded crazy to Harry, but after a while, he finally understood and caught onto it. Estella thought that if someone lost a baby, that the soul of that baby could never leave a woman's body. it's as if she thought that if she had another baby, her baby that died, it's soul would come into the next baby she had. When she had told him that story, of course he looked at her like she was confused about this but then that's when he rethought the purpose.

Because Estella lost a child, as a soon to be mother she had those type of instincts. It's like when you've connected with someone physically and emotionally, you always keep a part of them with you and as Harry' fiancée, she had these type of feelings she gets when she knows Harry is on his way home or is close to their house. It's weird but possible. she's even seen her mother get that way. Like out of the blue, her mother would state that she could feel her husband near and that he was almost home and when she was little, she herself thought her mother was weird.

The point was that maybe the soul of her last baby would stick with her forever, no matter what. It was just a theory, but it was her theory she would forever stick with it. Harry prayed. Prayed his hardest that nothing would happen with this pregnancy and that everything would be alright because he knew Estella couldn't handle any more negativity in her life- she didn't need that. Estella deserved all the happiness she could get and without a doubt would Harry grant that wish to it's fullest.

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