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ESTELLA HAD BEEN OFF THIS WHOLE week . Harry had taken notice of that easily because of her actions lately. Estella was currently hiding herself in the bathroom away from him and he was oblivious to the fact that she was sick. Eventually, being tired of her hiding, Harry hopped out of their shared bed and knocked politely on the door before entering when he didn't hear a reply.

When Harry entered their bathroom, he could spot her leaning over the toilet while she vomits into it aggressively. Harry was alarmed immediately, rushing to her side and whispering to her while he held her hair away from her face, soothingly rubbing her back to ease the pain. Estella abruptly stopped, breathing heavily, her shaky hand flushing the toilet as she fell besides it and leaned her back against the sink, Harry extremely worried for her and her sickness. He never really liked seeing her sick. I mean, what spouse would? Whenever Estella was sick, that's when she was extremely vulnerable and everything around her made her feel like she was dying. Even the way she looked terrified him and he was never the one to deal with sickness the right way.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Harry said in a worried tone, noticing that her eyes were watery and tears began to flow down as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "Tell me, please."

"I fucking hate throwing up," She admitted, wiping her tears away that began to stain her cheeks. "I think I'm sick."

"Yeah I can tell," He nervously laughed. "Let me help you up baby."

Harry gets up from his knees, taking her by her forearms and slowly lifting her up, watching her wobble a bit before he guides her to the sink and turns on the water, retrieving a cloth and soaking it with warm water before delicately cleaning her face with it. Estella smiled up at him gratefully, still a distinct feeling going on with her though as she left his eyes just to stare blankly at the wall.

Estella knew something was up, something was wrong. She could tell that clearly herself, for this past week. Harry washed her hands for her, drying them before he embraced her in a tight hug again, rubbing her back and kissing her cheek to make sure she was okay. "You need anything? I can go to the store and get some soup, ginger ale- Tylenol ?"

Estella nods once, not really in the mood for speaking as she let her arms drop to her sides. "Yeah, could you? That'd be great."

"Yeah, I will. You sure you gonna be okay while I'm gone? It'll only take a few minutes."

All she did was nod and Harry eyes her with worry again before he slowly turns away and walks back into the room, changing his clothes before he runs down the stairs and grabs his keys off the mantelpiece, driving to the store in a hurry. When Estella heard the front door close, she immediately runs to her room, grabbing her phone and making her way downstairs to check and see if he was surely gone before dialing Raye. Estella called her about three times but she just wouldn't answer and that's when panic set in. She needed her best friend, so badly she wanted to break down in tears.

The front door opened and her eyes fell there, seeing Zayn walk through, whistling a tone to himself. she sighed in relief when she seen that it was just him and not Harry, Zayn spotting her and smiling brightly. "Hey Star!"

"Zayn," She breathed. "What're doing here?"

"Oh, uh- harry told me to come over because he had a package for me that came I guess," He says, closing the door and locking it, a frown coming upon his face when he looked her and she was tearing up. "What's wrong?"

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