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[contains sexual content]

                        NEVER HAD THEY EXPECTED THIS. NEVER had they thought that they would get this drunk, have this much fun, and act like teenagers who were at a frat party all over again. Given it was a quarter past twelve, the four of them were currently seated on the couch, clearly watching something that caused them to get into this entire situation.

A week after Raye and Damiun had worked things out, the four of them, including Harry and Estella of course, decided to sip on drinks and have a blast while the kids stayed the night over their grandparent's house. They were all insanely drunk which wasn't their intention at all. They may have gotten a bit out of hand to the point where they started running around drunk and breaking shit which they soon laughed about after they froze in panic.

Estella was incredibly drunk, probably more than Harry and although jade had been feeling the same, Damiun and Harry were a bit too focused on the TV screen to even notice that both girls had been practically running their hands all over their body's. For some reason, Estella had pulled out the tape that Raye and her made many years ago, and after begging the girls constantly, they let them watch it. At first it was uncomfortable because they were literally about nineteen years old and their current husband's, or husband and fiancé, who were also best friends, were witnessing their own lovers having sex in front of their faces, virtually, so graphically. It was odd but strangely endearing to both men.

It was simple at first, when they first did it. Estella and Raye were a little drunk and a little horny and apparently they decided to record for the fun of it. It was rather nice to watch really, because they were both quite obedient and very submissive when needed to be- especially Estella. Raye was wobbly on her feet and Estella was fumbly with her hands so things went quite awkward because they were complete strangers, but then again, it was much hotter than they could've thought it'd be.

Something had caused Harry' body to completely tense though, when his eyes witnessed how much Estella actually loved what was being done to her body, back arching as her thighs clamped to the sides of Raye' face, her hand through her hair as she harshly gripped at it while a hand laid over her mouth to muffle her screams. Raye was pinned over her, a strap-on attached to her waist as she pressed Estella' thighs together and efficiently swiveled her hips forward, Estella' hand clawing at her own chest, her mouth dropped to release a prolonging moan.

Estella was prepared for anything at this moment, the wetness between her legs not helping her one bit, including the fact that Harry was paying no mind to her, but yet her younger self on the TV screen, crying out anything in Spanish that set Harry off entirely.

"Harry," He heard her quietly whisper in his ear, lips delicately skimming over the area and only once had he taken a quick glance at her and kept his attention back on the screen. Estella grinning to herself, she bit her lip, smoothing a hand down his bare chest, eventually playing with the waistband of his dark gray sweatpants, trying to regain his undivided attention. "Baby?"


"I wanna play," She pouted, Harry slowly turning his head to stare her down, a bit lazily due to his drunkenness. "W-we should go upstairs."

"I can't even walk, let alone go upstairs, darling."

Estella frowns, not fond of his lack of communication at the very moment, clenching her jaw as she looked over at Raye, seeing that gleam in her eye and Estella immediately caught on to what that look meant. Raye retrieves the remote from the table and turns off the TV, Damiun snapping his head at her confusingly, Harry sucking his teeth.

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