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[contains sexual content]

ESTELLA KNEW SHE WAS ALONE. SHE didn't even have to open her eyes to know that the certain weight of the bed was different. She didn't feel the tightness of Harry' arms wrapped around her as he snored in her neck, and from that she grumbled from the lack of warmth he provided. Rolling to his side of the bed, it was confirmed that he wasn't there. This caused her head to shoot up from the soft pillows, eyes opening slowly as she tapped on the home screen of her phone that she laid on top of all night; 6:45 AM.

Estella shook her head, the bathroom door remained closed as the lights were off, plus the coffee shop that sat at the corner next to their neighborhood didn't open until eight on Sunday's. Her fiancé was no where to be seen in the realms of her sleepy eyes. Sitting up, she rubbed her eyes in hopes of a clearer view, but as she looked around, the sight of Harry wasn't there. Sighing, she starts to weigh her options. She could get up, look for him and complain to him that he's been out of the bed for too long; Or, she could lay back down, wrap herself in the middle of their shared bed and just let Harry do whatever he is up to do in the early morning.

However, before she could even make the decision, she heard the front door open and close. Rubbing her eyes once again to make sure she was wide awake, the door to the master bedroom slowly creeps open, obvious that Harry was trying his best not to wake her. He then is surprised to see her figure in the dark sitting up from the middle of the bed because usually Estella would be knocked out until twelve in the afternoon.

"Did I wake you?" He whispers.

She shakes her head. "Woke up from the lack of warmth." Her morning voice answers and he responds by chuckling. Turning a lamp on, he tosses his beanie to the side, running his fingers through his shortened hair as he walks to the other side of the room. By the looks of it, he was glistening with sweat; the Nike shorts and plain white shirt he wore stuck to his body as he rummages through the dresser.

"Where'd you go?" She asked, stretching her arms and yawning as sleep slowly leaves her.

"Went runnin'. Feel like I need to get back into my daily routine," Harry takes out the clothes he picked through as she let out a whine, lazily shooting her arm up to caress him back to bed so she could cuddle him while the sun rises. Harry laughs to himself, "Gonna take a quick shower, baby. I'll be with you afterwards."

Estella let out a huff, falling harshly back onto the pillows as Harry whistles his way to the bathroom. There was a moment of silence as he turned on the lights and let the water run from the shower. She lifted her head, the bathroom door wide open as she sees his naked figure jump in the running shower, making her groan. Harry left her alone in this bed for a little over an hour or two already; the last thing she wanted is to wait on him more after he is back home. She wanted him, she missed him; even when the time she was asleep and didn't even know that he was missing. With another yawn, she slowly gets up from the bed and makes her way to the bathroom.

A small smile crept on her face as she heard Harry humming a Weeknd song, the reflection of his back from the opaque glass faces her as she spots his hands running through his hair. Estella makes her way to the sink and brushes her teeth, gargling mouthwash afterwards. She undresses quickly, as all she was wearing was a pair of panties and one of Harry' old t-shirts, and slides open the shower door. Harry laughs as he feels her tiny arms wrap around his torso, the water massaging her as she presses her cheek on his back.

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