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       HARRY WAS VERY NERVOUS TODAY, AND for many reasons. For one, he had to tell Estella what he's been meaning to tell her for a while and he doesn't even think he's in the right state of mind right now to even tell her at all. He needed something to keep him on surface.

Since Estella wasn't feeling all that great either, due to stressing over work, Harry wanted to treat her with something special tonight, maybe like a date. He was going to make everything perfect tonight. it had to go exactly how he planned it, because if I didn't, everything would go to shit. Harry had been currently resting in the bed, having serious conversations with his mind about things he could do today. A certain voice had interrupted him though, Harry turning around and spotting exactly who it was.

"Knock knock!" Zayn peaked his head in, smiling brightly at Harry, noticing that he didn't react the way he wanted to and frowned, stepping into the room and running to hop on the bed next to him. Harry chuckled and shook his head, spotting that Zayn had cut all of his hair off, seeing him pick at the nose ring he had.

"I should smack your bald ass head," Harry jokes. "Hopping on my bed like you're a damn monkey."

"Last time I recalled, this wasn't just your bed. And also, try me bitch," Zayn laughs, gently patting Harry on his head, cringing when he felt how greasy it was and with a disgusted face, wiped his hand on harry. "Anyways, what's going on with you this afternoon? You seem miserable."

"I'm thinking."

"About what?"

"Well, I'm trying to think of ways I could set up this date for me and Star tonight. She's been stressed, I've been stressed. I also have to tell her something tonight that's really important but I'm not even sure if I'm in the right place at the moment to tell her. I mean it's right, but then again, is it too early?"

"Well, I'm just gonna guess what you're talking about and just say yes, it's the right timing and you should tell her. Trust me, I would know. Really for Star, you just gotta be romantic and special but also simple. She doesn't want you going all out with it, she just wants you to show her you care. Tell you what, rent a yacht for today and set everything up. Recreate a very special moment that the both of you had and go one from there. you know, make her cry."

Harry listened closely to everything Zayn had been recommending to him, nodding along with what he said and absolutely agreeing with him. "If there's truly one thing I missed about you, I would have to say the fact that you always give great ass ideas, Zayn."

"I appreciate that." He drops a wink.

Harry sits up, sheet slipping down his chest to show his nakedness and Zayn slapped a hand on his mouth, practically gasping. "Dude what! Did a fucking hyena attack you or some shit?"

Harry furrowed his brows, glaring down at his chest and chuckling when he noticed what Zayn had been talking about. the many claw marks, which had obviously been marked there because of Estella, were evident all around his chest. "Oh right, yeah. She can get a little- out of hand at times."

"Was she overly horny?"

"Probably, and she's been like that for a few weeks now. And I have no idea why."

"Probably stress." Zayn shrugged and so did Harry, the both of them jumping off of the bed and heading downstairs to make lunch. While Zayn and Harry were having a laugh and preparing burgers and fries for just the two of them, they also had laptops set up on the kitchen island and going through different websites and writing down tons of plans they could come up with for tonight.

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