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THE TIME HAD FINALLY COME AND Estella was prepared but also very nervous for her fashion show tonight. there she stood, a clipboard in her hand as she walked around and checked every models outfit to see if everything was perfectly fine and in order so her clothing could be presented.

From styles to models, to make-up to stage setups, everything had been exactly planned how she pictured it in her head years and years ago. she couldn't have been more happy, to be in this position right now. It was honestly a privilege to be doing this and she could not wait to do it even more. Over and over again. At the moment, all of her models were in their seats, getting their make-up done while Estella checked with the designers for her collection and picked out who she wanted to wear what. The variety of her models had been black, Spanish, or Indian, Estella wanting to have models of color since their weren't many out there for high fashion brands. Some were tall, short, skinny, thick and or big girls which was perfectly fine and lovely either way.

Estella wanted the idea in her head to pop out and let everyone with any type of body be able to see how it would look on others and be able to work with that and let everyone feel comfortable. She wanted every man or woman to have access to her clothing line and actually be able to afford and wear it, no matter what size. Estella actually couldn't believe that this was reality, that she was actually doing this, showing off her exquisite ideas and actually having very known people admire her own creativity and have some kind of inspiration from her work. The show was already beginning and there she stood, prepared for the best time of her life. What really made her nervous was the fact that everyone she practically knew was here to support her.

Her family, Raye, Damiun, and even David were all sat in the front row, even with the love of her life. Estella took a peak behind the curtain and although Harry couldn't clearly see her, she watched him. Watched how he smiled whenever his sisters told him something, laughed and pinched his lower lip as he threw his head back in pure happiness. The sight made her heart warm at the simple moment he shared with her family and friends. It deeply affected her in ways she could not explain.

Estella moved away, closing her eyes and taking careful, deep breaths. The lights had flickered off and she was ready, absolutely ready. The video for her campaign was playing to the dozens of people in the crowd, people having their phones out, amazed by the work and effort that had been put into the video. A few weeks back, Estella had got in contact with any available artist that would be perfect for her campaign advertisement. amazingly, she got a call back from the one and only, Kanye West, who immediately was impressed with the idea and decided to come up with an entire video production just for her. Everything came out exactly how she wanted and she couldn't have been more proud.

Rounds of applauds had been heard and that's when the magic happened. That's when each of her models, dressed in her own art, began making their way out to walk the catwalk so effortlessly it almost made her tear. The light cascaded onto each male or female model that walked down the aisle, aisle a white and black marble color. The whole concept of it was to picture it as a dark night, out with friends or going to some type of fancy gala, wearing diamonds and drinking expensive champagne while you had the time of your life, as if it was a one night opportunity or just a regular routine.

Estella was very proud of herself personally. Just the thought of achieving something so big herself, having her own collection, own high fashion brand, and being able to actually call it an achievement, made her ecstatic. Growing up, she was always stuck with the idea of fashion and the inspiration really came from her father. Being as big as he is took a lot of courage and with that, she took that from him and loved herself, loved him, loved what she came up with.

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