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TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY, WANNA know why? Because Estella finally got to do what she always wanted to do, design her fashion. A few days ago, her father had one more present for her. He told her that since he knew she took a minor break from her job, he offered her a proposition. Her father, had handed Estella his fashion company as a gift to her for Christmas. She must have stopped breathing when he told her that because she almost fainted and was frozen in her spot.

Of course she thanked him; she wanted to hesitate because he's spent years creating something with that company and just to be giving it away? It was a big deal. She praised him and gave him many hugs and kisses, never even wanting to let go but she had to because they had to go home.

Her father and her were going to be meeting up later on today to discuss how things were going to change around there and what Estella needed done in order for her company to be unique and new. Right now, she was lying in bed besides her sleeping boyfriend who was kinda nervous today because today was also the day that he had to get his haircut. obviously he was gonna bitch and moan about it, but it had to be done. It's not like it wasn't gonna grow back anyways.

Last night was so stressful that the both of them came home around four in the morning and went straight to sleep. Raye finally had her beautiful baby girl Iyana and both Harry and Estella couldn't have been more happy for them. It was probably the most important experience ever for them and so much love and happiness took a toll of them in that very moment when they all heard crying erupt in the room.

Estella smiled to herself and admired what he was like when he slept and how it felt to be blessed to be able to be sleeping next to him every day of her life. She shuffled closer to him, his heavy arm that was thrown around her waist gliding down her back until he got to her ass and grinned in his sleep, palm slamming down on her butt which made her gasp and jump slightly.

"Harry!" She scolds.

Harry was rubbing his eyes and yawning, his hair all over the place and so messy. "What are you looking at babygirl?" He asked, his voice a bit deeper. He opened his eyes and looked at her as he ran a hand through that luscious hair, moving it away from his tired face.

"Staring at my boyfriend, who else fool." She responds.

"Morning babe." He told her, Estella giggling when he kissed her forehead. He pulled her to sit on top of her, Estella obliging to straddling his waist. The both of them had that morning, exhausted look, even though they weren't really tired.

"Morning sweetie. You feeling better?" She asks, knowing that he was still a little sick. This weather was not a joke.

"Think I should be asking you that." He smirks wickedly, Estella looking at him with a straight face but somehow that made him laugh. She hums softly and shrugs but as soon as she knew it, he flips her over and pins her down on the bed, his body trapping her. She squeals in surprise but he laughs and starts kissing her stomach, which causes her to whimper because she was still naked down there and he began kissing her thighs, Estella moving up and away from him but he dragged her back down and began chuckling against her skin.

"Baby stop!" She giggled while trying to get out of his hold but couldn't because he was too strong.

"But why." He whined.

"Because, remember we have to go for your haircut today and then we have that lunch meeting with my dad." She told him and he slapped his hand on his forehead, now remembering.

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