AS HARRY STEPPED OUT OF HIS car, grabbing the box of red roses he a had bought for Estella, slamming the door behind him, he threw his head back in laughter at something Damiun had said, the both of them carrying gifts for the beautiful women inside. Today was a special day, a relaxing day actually. Harry had bought the four of them tickets for a basketball game later on, and it was a surprise for both Estella and Raye. Harry walked inside of his house, placing his keys on the mantelpiece, his nose being hit with the smell of delicious breakfast and ears filling with the sound of happy laughter.

"Yo that's bullshit though, cause I call it." Raye laughed, Damiun and Harry emerging into the kitchen, both of their heads turning to the tall men with big smiles on their faces.

"Hi baby. We got the eggs for you. also, they apparently ran out of sausage, I don't know how. So we got turkey bacon instead." Damiun shrugged, handing her the bag of groceries and she thanked him with a kiss, her belly blocking them slightly from touching.

"Aww, is this for me?" Estella clamps her hands together, standing in front of Harry as he beamed down at her, handing her the black box. "Yeah, of course. Their one of your favorite flowers. Apparently they didn't have the calla lilies so I got you roses."

Estella cooed as she opened the box and admired the rows of roses, setting the box down on the counter top and wrapping her arms around her boyfriend's waist, pressing her cheek to his chest as Harry hummed and pressed a kiss to her head. "Love you baby."

"I love you too."

"Get married already!" Damiun shouted, the both of their heads turning to him to see he had his phone out, taking pictures of them.

"Ew stop, I'm not decent right now." Estella blocks her face with her hand, Damiun laughing at her and chasing her with the phone in his hand, Harry ignoring what he said but somehow it stuck to his mind like a sticky note.

There was never really a serious conversation between him and Estella about their futures together. It wasn't like they didn't want to talk about it, but it was the fact that it was something very important but also something very scary. Maybe Estella had brought up the mention of kids a few times and Harry never said a word about it, and that was it. Harry may have brought up the mention of getting married when they were watching bridezilla, but that was it.

"So, me and Raye were talking about how me and her were going to have a day without you two today, because we need our relaxation. And also we really need to go to the spa because I know she's worn out and I definitely am." Estella had said once Damiun stopped chasing her, Raye cracking her eggs into a bowl and nodding along with what she said. Harry sat on a chair, leaning back as he scratched his head, squinting his eyes in deep thought.

"That's awesome, but you can't." He smiled and pinched his nose. The look Estella gave him kind of scared him because it was the look of "you got me fucked up."

"I'm sorry but I don't think I heard that right," she smacked her lips, cocking her hip. "repeat that for me."

"like I said, you can't."

"Harry, you better stop. Cause you're getting yourself into trouble." Raye said, trying to look out for him because she knows that her friend was not the one to take no for an answer, or the one who likes being told what she could and couldn't do.

"I know how to handle my woman, I got this." Harry held his hand up, jade looking over at Estella and she still held the same look. "Now, baby, the reason why I disagree is because me and Damiun have something already planned for the both of you this lovely sunday night."

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