chapter 6

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Selena p.o.v
"Selena I can explain what happened babe just let Me explain"Justin said looking at me the pulling his pants up

"You get the hell out of my house"Justin said angry but he stilled look so sexy the girl ran out I went to set down when I felt big hands on my waist pulling down on his lap looking that him I moved his hair out of the way

Justin p.o.v
"Explain" Selena said
"Well when you said you were going to take a shower I went down stairs and liua walked in and said she missed and jerry I was still hard and she saw that so a sat me down and pull out Jerry and started sucking him and I told her to stop and she wouldn't that why she was holding my hands" i lied to Selena so she won't she the best fuck in my life I got this weird feeling when she was going to leave

"When I said I was going to take a shower that meant for you to join me in the shower to fuck my brain not for me to walk down here and see another girl sucking jerry "Selena said jealous grading Jerry I moaned

"He's mine" she said as she graded him harder I loved how she want to all hers she was being greedy with jerry. I kissed her then she got up and went to the kitchen I followed her like a lost puppy I went to behind her and wrapped my arms around her

"Egg,beacon,and pan cake right daddy" Selena said moving her ass again jerry I moaned and nodded I stilled to suck on her neck the she moaned  I slap her ass and walked away and sat down at the table watching her cook she put the beacon on the table and kissed me
"Don't touch Justin " she put the eggs and pan cakes on table and  she gave my breakfast then start to eat when Selena drop her fork and went under the table and took jerry out of my pant given him kisses up and down she licked him and put him in mouth and sucked me I was still eat while moan and pushing her head down when there was knock that the door Selena keep sucking me being greedy again I laughed and kissed her I pushed her gently back under to jerry

"Its open come in" Taylor walked with demi
"Where's Selena"demi said
"She left 20 minutes ago remember we just fuck then she leave"
"Yes because she doesn't like you" I smirked cause if only that knew what Selena was doing to as we speck I felt Selena lips tight around I bite my lip trying not to moan
" you can leave now unless you guys want a threesome"
"Hell no"Taylor and demi said leaving
Selena get me hard and rough  she got up
" someone likes to be greedy with jerry " she blushed and jerry and walk us up stairs to are room while still holding jerry

"I like to me greedy with jerry because he's mine and he's just so fucking huge daddy "she kissed over and over again I graded her and throw her on the bed took all her clothes off and into her roughly screamed in in pleasure clenching the sheets her pussy tightened around jerry

4hours later
We finished selena fall a sleep I went down stair and to she liua waiting for me
"Daddy did you miss me" I noddedd
I picked her up and took off her cholthes I was about to enter her when ?? Walked in and over to me she naked she got played down next to liua

'We're ready daddy for our punishment " I smirked and nodded

"Threesome sweet I knew you wanted babygirl"

"Daddy just fuck us already"??said

Who do you think it is and babes I'm writing a story called kidnapped by daddy when I post it I will update all my stories again.

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