seven : #powercouple2k16

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bellatheflash out on the town w/ @campbellthegreenarrow


@grantgust pretty lights

@grantgust but the lights aren't as pretty as you ;)

@shelbyhensen OH SHÎT

@bellatheflash smooooooooooth like a criminal @grantgust

@grantgust OOOOO HAHAHA I GOT U @bellatheflash

@campbellthegreenarrow :') can you guys get married now?

@grantgust what do you say Bella?

@bellatheflash ... No @grantgust

@theflashlover #powercouple2k16

@campbellchristensen god yes @theflashlover #grellathepowercouple2k16

iMessage from Grant Cracker

So I prefer a beach wedding
but it's up to you babe




we need to meet in real life

We do :) that's why the
girlies want me to come
to comic con

Yes yes yes!! And I can
take you out on a date and
be a gentleman and stuff

Gentlemen and stuff is
always good

And you can tell me all
about your book club

Yes!! While we walk
around San Diego eating

Bruh. I luh bagels

Um who doesn't..??
What's you're fav bagel

I like plain

ew wtf that's not
a bagel

What do you mean??

A bagel is double chocolate chip
with chocolate cream cheese..
I'm drooling just thinking about it

Bella drooling..? ;)

Ew. I hate you

You love me

Oh, not a beach wedding.
I don't want sand in my toes

Campbell Christensen added you to the group chat 'GURLS'

Campbell Christensen: hey wonderful ladies, my queens, welcome to the wonderful boyless
group chat

Shelby Hensen: ooooo I like this

Candice Patton: me too. That other chat was getting loco

Danielle Panabaker: yeah like wtf tom we don't want you to send us pics of you in superman underwear

I'm scared. They were very
form fitting undies

Shelby Hensen: ew gross stop

Campbell Christensen: oh shit I'm laughing and idk why !! it is gross

Candice Patton: we're working on you getting tickets for comic con... It should be that hard. I can pull a few string ;)

Thank you so much, Candice.

Candice Patton: it's no problem! I really want to meet you guys.

Campbell Christensen: dude same. I've never met a celebrity before

But Campbell remember
when you snuck into that
one guys trailer..?

Campbell Christensen: hush child, we shall never speak of that day again

Danielle Panabaker: oh geez, I wanna hear about this

Campbell Christensen: let's just say it has to deal with someone getting into Dave Franco's movie trailer

Candice Patton: shit why. Did you see him at least??

Campbell Christensen: I shall speak of this no more

I'll tell you all the crazy
Campbell stories when
I get to San Diego :)

Shelby Hensen: *we

Candice Patton: it's going to be bomb af

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