Honestly, I didn't believe that, after me announcing that this story was officially discontinued, people would still add to their libraries and read it. I think you guys have no idea how this story means to me. From 8k when I annouced that it was going to be discontinued to 11k views! Like, it's unbelievable.

Like, I've said it over and over again, but this story is the one that makes me think I didn't used my whole effort in it. I mean, I've never watched Skins (I might watch it someday) but ever since I picked Freya Mavor as my adorkable Kathleen Beckett, I started to like the actress as well. She's a sweetheart, even tough I've never met her XD

So, when I get in vacation (in less than a month), I'll be restarting this story. Somethings will be different, some will be the same. But this story, in another words, is going to continue and restart.

I'm not giving up this story. So, be ready guys, because the queen is coming back!

<3 <3 <3 LOVE U GUYS.

see you soon, xx

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