Kidnapped Part 2

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Gonna have way too much fun XD with this.

Third Person POV

Matthew Williams was walking down the block, his phone to his ear. "Oui, papa, I'll be fine..." He told his father, Francis. Francis was worried to death about Matthew ever since 3 years ago, when his brother, Alfred, went missing. Matthew, himself, was worried to death and he currently was placing missing posters everywhere. He did this just about everyday.

"I'm fine... I promise." He muttered again, quiet as ever.

A van was slowly trailing the boy, as they saw what he was doing, Matthew himself seemed completely oblivious of the van as it trailed him. A man peeked out of the van, as the van went right next to Matthew, and the man had grabbed Matthew from the waist, holding the bow struggling boy, "P-Papa! H-help!" He screamed loudly attempting to allow his fatherly figure to hear him as he kicked around, "Let me go! Let me go!"

"Mathieu!? I'm calling the cops! Fight off a bit longer please!" Francis yelled into the phone, using his home phone to call the police. Francis' anxiety rose and he paced around as he told the details quickly, he was now mixing between French and English in panic.

Matthew was struggling, and his phone was taken out of his hand. They hung up on Francis, making the French man even more worried. A rag with chlorine on it made its way onto Matthew's face. He screamed through it, wondering if he was going to die right here and now.

"STOP IT LET ME GO!" He screamed, his eyelids starting to close, he began to kick around and he successfully hit one of their private parts. He was fighting off the drug, breathing heavily. He heard that person yell at him, but his eyes could not fight the darkness anymore and soon he just fell asleep. The van sped off and all that was left was a cell phone and missing posters.
"Oi, get up, bloody wankers, sleeping for so long." A British voice had awoken the three boys. Antonio opened his eyes to a man... Who had really bushy eyebrows.

"Oi Alfred, Gilbert the newbies are awake." The Brit called out to two other people.

"Alfred?!" Matthew sat up quickly.

Kiku observed his surroundings silently, it was a dusty room, big enough to fit 7 people but fairly small. It had rats, spiders and roaches. Kiku shivered immediately, hugging himself.

Two other boys ran into the room, "They are?! What are their- MATTIE?!" One boy, who resembled the other one next to Kiku, ran up to 'Mattie' and hugged him. Kiku backed into the corner, just watching everyone. He wished Yao was here, oh how he missed the Chinese man.

"Mattie what are you doing here? This is a bad place! A very bad place!"

"I-I was placing up missing posters and someone grabbed me! Papa knows I got kidnapped as well!"

"Don't worry Mattie I won't let them do anything to you!"

"What exactly do they do?" Kiku asked.

"I suppose we should tell them, Alfred."

"We have to! The awesome me will save them though!"

Arthur face palmed, "Sorry Gilbert, but you've said that before, it's never worked out well though."

"....This is a bad place, Mattie."

"You idiot, explain it more!" Arthur flicked Alfred's head.

"Ow! Why don't you do it if I can't do it so well Iggy!"

"Don't call me Iggy you bloody wanker!"

"Since those two have begun fighting again.... The awesome me will explain. We're supposed to clean you guys up, and you sort of get raped..." Gilbert muttered.

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