Chapter 4

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2 Weeks Later .


Its been 2 weeks since Kylan found out the real truth, and 2 Weeks since Mya beat Lilly ass .




"What the fuck you mean she told him!? " Mya yelled in my face. I had just called her over here to let her know what happened, and Kylan wasn't talking to me.

" She got mad cause I broke up with her and yelled the truth and said that Khalia wasn't mines"

Her face softened.

" Khalia not yours? "

" I guess not .. but I'm getting a DNA"

She hugged me tight. I really didn't care that she wasn't my baby. She acted bad as hell and she only 1.

"I'm sorry. "

" Its not your fault Mya"

" No. I'm sorry because I knew I should've stuck by your side when this shit happened. I was supposed to be your Ride or Die"

I looked at her and she looked like she wanted to cry.

I lifted her chin up and kissed her.


Our heads snapped around to see Lilly with her phone out .

" I'm sending this to Tyler " She said

Mya ran over there and drug her outside, literally.

Her weave was on the floor. Swear.

"STOP!! " she was yelling as Mya punched her ass repeatedly in the face.

I just watched. The bitch deserved it.

" FUCK WITH ME AGAIN BITCH! I DARE YOU TO! " Mya yelled before kickin her in the face and walkin back in the house.


Mya stopped in her tracks.

" Mama always said you should never be friends with your own stripper co-workers. But I didn't listen. "

Mya was a stripper? Its not hard to believe but damn!

" You was a stripper? " I ask

" Yeah. When I was 17. But I quit"

She got Kylan and they left. I looked at lilly, laughed, then went inside.

Mya gone be mine in No time.


Present Day


So yeah. Lilly got that ass beat. But I don't know what happened with Mya and Tyler.






" Mommy .. are you okay .? " Kylan ask me.

I was cuddled with KJ in the bed but I was so heartbroken.

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