43. Oh Fuck You Josh Hutcherson (Part 2)

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Niall's POV:
I glared at him, his arm wrapped around her as he whispered something in her ear. That should be me touching her, holding her. I'm an absolute douche for dumping her that way when I know she's the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I was just scared of the future, I wanted to propose to her soon but I just couldn't face the fact that I'll only be with one girl for the rest of my life.
But she's my girl.
And she's the one for me. I was stupid to think that way.
Taking one last glance at Y/N laughing at something Josh said, I clenched my fists together, turning to walk inside. Oh we're gonna have a talk, me and him.
I text him once I'm seated in my seat, waiting for the show to start in about 20. I only have his number because I know he's Y/N's best friend. And if something were to happen to her, he would be the one to call.
'meet me in the bathroom in 5'
I bit my finger nail nervously, leg bouncing as I looked around
"You alright there mate?" Louis asked, laughing at my nervous antics.
"We've done this a million times before, no need to get worked up. We're here for ya." he continued. I faked a smile and nodded, looking away to the other side of the stadium. That was, only to find Y/N and Josh just sitting. God, she looked outstanding in that dress. I watched as Josh took out his phone, eyebrows furrowing once he realized who texted him. He looked up and around, meeting my hard gaze. He tilted his head quickly to show to go now, which I agreed to by nodding. Excusing myself from the boys quickly, I walked down the isle and took a right, walking into the boys bathroom. Seconds later, Josh walked in, confusion written across his features.
"Sup dude." he asked, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned against the door. Ugh I will never understand Americans and the way they talk.
"You better watch those hands on her." I growled, crossing my arms over my chest as well. Josh rolled his eyes, taking a step closer to me. I might be taller, but he definitely had more muscle. Doesn't mean I couldn't take him in a fight, especially if it was for Y/N.
"What are you gonna do about it? Not like she's yours anymore." he fought back. I bit my lip in anger, running my fingers through my quiff to place it upright.
"Josh, listen. I made the biggest mistake of my life and I don't know how to tell her that." I explained. He nodded as if he were listening, then went to open the door.
"Well, that's your problem. Don't say those types of things to a girl, especially one you love. You might be protective over Y/N, but so am I. So watch your back." and just like that, the door closed again. I was fuming; nostrils flaring and smoke practically coming out of my ears. That's my girl he's talking about.
I held back the urge to punch the wall, knowing the show was starting soon. I wanted to cry, I was so frustrated. I know I fucked up bad, but I just need to explain it to her. Then whatever happens, happens. If she doesn't want me anymore, so be it. I have to face the fact that I messed up, big time.
-after party-
Your POV:
So there was a big after party in one of the rooms in the stadium, where most of the celebrities came to after, including Josh with me trailing behind. I'm in a room with a bunch of famous people, I mean little mix are goddesses and I just met them. Now I'm clinging onto Josh, looking around as he talks to Liam Hemsworth. Fuck he's beautiful too, but Miley owns his heart.
I wish Niall owned mine.
No, stop. We aren't thinking about him right now.
As I turn back to Josh, I tell him I'm just going to take a breather outside. He offers to come with me but I decline, wanting him to finish his conversation. I walk out of the room, walking down the stadium hall.
I investigated all of the different pictures hung up and trophies won by the home team here. This kind of stuff intrigued me. As I turned the corner, I came across a huge poster with the home team on it. I walked up to it, inspecting every players face.
"That's Manchester United." I heard from behind me.
"I know you don't know much about footie."
I turned around to the voice I knew oh so well, seeing his hard gaze fixed to me, small smile etched to his face. I huffed loudly, turning the opposite way of the room and walking down the hall
"Y/N! Wait please." he called, running to catch up to me.
"Why should I?" I spoke, still walking away from him as fast as I could in these heels. He caught up to me which was expected, but for some reason I wanted him to. He grabbed my wrist, tugging softly as he said "Because I love you."
This caused me to stop, whipping around to meet his eyes.
"You love me, huh? Love me so much that you wanted to take a break? Love me so much that you don't feel a connection between us anymore?" I fought back.
"That was all just me being an ass-"
"You're not feeling love Niall, I know what love is" I cut him off, ripping my wrist out from his grasp. He stared at me, most likely trying to figure out how to approach me.
"I- I feel love whenever I'm near you, whenever I hear your name. When you.. you used to kiss me. When you used to compliment me. I know all the little things about you, and-" I laughed hysterically, feeling the tears threatening to spill from my lost eyes.
"And I still fucking love you. Every little thing about you I love" I choked up, turning around to walk away again. This time Niall ran in front, halting me from moving any further as he held both my hands, bringing them down from my face.
"You don't think I know that feeling? That feeling of wanting to wake up to the same person everyday. That feeling of hearing that persons laugh, making you smile because when they're happy, you're happy. That feeling of midnight adventures, cooking together, playing sports together, dancing and singing together. Every memory I have of you Y/N, is filled with love towards you. I know that feeling I get in my chest. In my stomach, in my heart. That's love." he tried to reason, his words only bringing more tears to my eyes. He wiped them away with the pad of his thumbs as he still held my hands in his. "T-then why would you do this to me? To u-us?" I hiccuped, wide eyes searching his for any explanation. He shook his head, resting his forehead on mine as his hands cupped my cheeks, mine now placed above his. His eyes turned to the floor, trying to find the words to say.
"I- I don't know what I was thinking at that moment... I was scared of the future, something inside me made me second guess everything great I had. My mind was not thinking straight, and once I saw you wish Josh, fuck my mind just became clear again. I know he's your best friend but, damn I was convinced he would make you his. And I couldn't let that happen, I need you babe. I need you by my side like it's been this whole time. My head was not thinking straight that day, you gotta believe me when I say I love you. There's no one else in this world I would trade for you" he confessed, his hands shaking while holding my face. I swear tears brimmed his eyes but he bit his lip, keeping eye contact with me.
"Please, princess, take me back. I promise to never hurt you like that again." he begged. "Promise?" I asked, slightly above a whisper.
"Promise on my heart and soul." he mumbled. I nodded, watching the smile overcome Niall's lips. He took no time to capture my lips in his, giving me a long awaited lip lock that reassured me everything he said was true. Everyone deserves a second chance, and I'm positive Niall won't make the same mistake twice. "Now let me go kill that son of a bitch Josh." he bantered. I slapped his arm jokingly, squealing as he sealed my lips for another kiss.

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