Author's Notes

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Hello, guys!!!

It's been awhile since the end of Soul of a Demon, Heart of an Angel. Now, I want to fulfilled my promise, here is the third series Dark Throne!!! \(^^)/ It took me quiet a while for the draft. The series will begin with taking place in Lunatic Parade where our heroine, Sakurazuka Janne-chan will spending her time with the vampire brothers and of course, with her beloved Ruki-kun there :3

There will be a kind of hint about her past with you-know-who :3 I know you're already know who's the guy here :p

Anyways... I want to let you know too that I won't update very often now because of my job and I will update every Saturday or Sunday depends whether I already have the draft or not. And because the Lost Eden CD will be released next month, if the chapter around Lunatic Parade already end-I won't update it again after I heard the CD until the second volume so I will know his behavior and attitude because I don't want to spoiled his personality and I want to keep his trait in my story.

And also, again, I have to apologize first with my grammatical error and also wrong spelling because English is not my mother tongue but I will do my best so my readers will be able to understand the plot.

I guess that's all. I will update the first chapter tomorrow. Hope you'll enjoy the story!

Happy reading! :D

PS: The girl in the cover is Janne-chan if some of you forgot how she looks like and of course, credit of the picture goes to the owner.

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