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Disclaimer: I own nothing but my oc. Picture above is Pydron, but with red eyes. And now, onward to the story.


In a land far away, lies the kingdom of Fiore, a simple, peaceful nation full of millions and a place full of magic. Found in most places, bought or sold in every marketplace, magic was considered nothing, but a tool and a normal thing of everyday life. There were also those who have devoted their live to it's secrets. Wizards. But like all great things, some used it for good, others for evil.

High in the skies of Fiore, flying over the clouds was a slim, yet muscular bodied dragon. His body was a majestic golden color. He had a wedge-shape head and elegantly curved horns above his brow. The horns on top of his head frame a series of lengthened scales running down the back of his head, giving the slight appearance of golden feathers. His wings were long and large as they flapped through the air.

This was Pydron, the Solar dragon. He was currently having a tranquil moment of flying before going to his cave, when he suddenly felt a powerful source of magic. Curious about the overwhelming feeling, he decided to investigate and headed for the source. Upon arriving at the source, he saw a small boy,who looked to be around 5 years old, sitting in the middle of a village and he seemed to be crying, due to the choked sobs coming from him. Pydron looked around the village, only to see it was in ruins. House were destroyed and bloodied bodies were scattered through out the village. He could tell that the village was empty and the boy seemed to be the only survivor of the destruction. Soon the boy began to talking to himself saying, "Why? Why did this have to happen?" over and over, as if to make sense of the situation.

Feeling a surge of sympathy for the boy, Pydron made his descend down towards the ground, picking up a gust of wind as well

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Feeling a surge of sympathy for the boy, Pydron made his descend down towards the ground, picking up a gust of wind as well. The boy then felt the gust of wind, causing him to cover his eyes, tears still running down his cheeks. Soon, the winds died down allowing the boy to remove his arm, believing it was safe to do so. However, what he didn't expect to see was a gigantic creature with wings standing in front of him with piercing red eyes. It was so big, compared to his 3'7" stature he was barley as big as it's claws. As the boy continued to gaze at the massive being in front of him with a mixture of awe and fear, Pydron took the time the gaze at the boy's appearance as well. He had orange colored hair that seemed to stick out in every direction, green emerald eyes that made his hair stand out among anything else. His attire consists of a dark yellow shirt and brown shorts, but had no shoes.

After a couple of seconds of staring at one another, the boy then spoke in a quiet voice, "Did you come to kill me too? Because if so, please just make it quick" before wiping his nose.

Pydron seemed taken back by that, before bringing his head down, a few feet from the boy before speaking in a deep voice,"No, I didn't come here to kill you, young one, nor do I plan to". Now was the boy's turn to be surprised, since he just heard the creature talked, but quickly shook it away. He took his time to observe the creature and realized it was truly a sight to behold. It's shining, golden scales made it not only seemed like they were impossible to pierce through, but also made it seem like a very powerful and majestic being. Feeling his earlier fear gone for a second and replaced with a hint of curiosity, the boy gulped before talking again, "Uh, if you don't mind me asking, what kind of creature are you?". Pydron looked at the boy, his fear seemed to be gone for a moment, even of it was still there by a small amount. Pydron then did something unexpected that surprised... he smiled, showing a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. The boy eyes widened at the sight, be remained rooted to his spot.

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