Part 3 (MaNan Marriage)

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I am ready sir, aap shaadi ki date fix karlo, nandini said with a small smile..!! Raj happiness has no boundaries he just hugged her and kissed her temple.

Acha suno beta, is there any one that you want me to talk about this marriage because I know you use to stay in orphanage, is there any relatives of yours..!! Raj asked her with concern.

I don't have any relative, but I want you to talk with my amms who took care of me in orphanage..!! Said nandini.

Ok beta no problem,we will go and talk with her today itself because I want this marriage to happen as soon as possible..!! Said raj keeping his hand on her head.


" Star orphanage "

Raj enter inside orphanage along with nandini and walked towards office room.

Nandini first entered inside and amms doing some paper work..!!

Good evening amms..!! Nandini greeted her with smile.

Good evening khanna, how are you ? Amms asked by hugging her.

I am fine amms, there is some one who want to meet you..!! Said nandini breaking the hug.

Raj walked inside the room..!! Amms was shocked to see him, why won't she shock after all he was the world famous business man.

Nandu, yeah tho raj malhotra hai na, malhotra industries ka malik..!! Amms asked still in shocked state.

Ji, amms aur yeh mere boss hai..!! Nandini said with smile.

Namasthe savithri murthy ji..!! Raj said joining his hands.

Namasthe ji, come have a seat..!! Amms said after coming out of shock.

Savithri ji, I am here to talk about something important..!! He said taking his seat.

Amms looked towards nandini with confusion.

Aap janthi hona mera ek beta hai, manik... manik malhotra..!!
He said with smile.

Amms nodded with smile..!!

Mai yaha aapne bete ke liye, aapki bacchi ki haath magne ayahu..!! Raj said.

Amms looked at nandini..!! Nandini was already looking down and blushing.

Nandu, are you happy with this marriage beta..!! Amms asked with concern
Haa...amms I am happy..!! She said.

Agar nandu ko koi problem nahi hai tho I too don't have any problem..!! Amms said side hugging nandini.

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