Free Loader

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Sana's POV

"Why are you so cute?" I said, patting the head of the puppy. It wiggled its tail in response and so I tried to restrain myself from squealing at how cute this puppy is. 'Oh shit. I almost forgot why I'm here in the first place.'

I stared at the puppy for a while and thought, 'Mina said that I should try talking to them. Well, what's the harm of trying anyway?'

"Hey puppy, do you know where the heart diamond is?" I asked, patiently waiting for an answer. After a while, the cute little puppy barked. I don't speak dog so I'll just take that as a yes.

My eyes sparkled in amusement. "Can you show me where?" I said. The puppy went inside the room and so I followed it. It stopped in front of the door and just sat there.'Maybe it's asking me to open the door or something.' I went closer but then I heard the door opening.

'Fuck.' I quickly went to the closest hiding place that I found, the cabinet. How cliché. The light opened and so I can see the person that went inside the room through the small opening of the cabinet. She has a dark blue wavy hair, almost black. She's tall and beautiful. She's wearing an oversized t-shirt and leggings but I can still tell that she has a really nice body. Don't judge me, I'm not checking her out. Okay maybe I am but I'm straight what the fuck?

'Enough about that Sana!' I stopped scolding myself when I heard the girl crying. I felt sad for her. She grabbed a towel and wiped the tears on her face. 'Oh god she's beautiful.'

I saw the puppy went closer to the girl. The latter noticed it and picked the puppy up. She patted its head then she hugged it tightly. "I'm sorry, Minjoong. You saw me crying again." She said softly.

"How I wish to be that puppy right now." I mumbled. I saw the puppy look at me and wiggled its way out of its owner's grasp. 'Oh my fucking god.' I thought, knowing where this is going.

"What's wrong, Minjoong?" The girl asked, putting the puppy down. It made its way towards the cabinet which is my hiding spot right now. "No no no no. Don't come here puppy. Stop." I begged. I'm already panicking right now. Who wouldn't anyway?! I'm going to die for mother freaking's sake.

'Please spare a squirrel like me.' I prayed closing my eyes when the puppy nudge and opened the cabinet doors.

I heard it barked a few times and when I opened my eyes, I saw the girl staring at me with wide eyes. She stepped backwards and was about to shout when I covered her mouth.

"No! Please don't shout." I said, holding the girl firmly. Hell, she's much beautiful with a closer look. She struggled to get free but I'm unexpectedly stronger than her. I guess those trainings really were useful.

"I'll only let you go if you promise me that you won't shout or escape okay?" I told her. She nodded in response and so I slowly let her go. But then she run towards the corner of the room and took hold of something with a red button on it.

"W-wait! What are you-"

"Don't you dare move or else I'm gonna click this button that will set the alarm on!" She shouted, motioning the puppy to go to her which the puppy obliged.

"Please don't!" I responded, not moving an inch. I'm afraid that she will press the button but I'm more afraid of what my teammates will do to me when they found out that I'm the reason why our mission failed.

"Wh-what's your name? Why are you here? What do you want?" She asked continuously. I frowned because of it.

"How the hell can I answer if you keep on asking continuously?!" I said louder than I planned. And I think that scared her. Well she literally hide behind a lamp. 'As if that will help her.' I smirked, taking a step forward.

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