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This is a new series, which may be called the Midnight Series. Not sure though.

And to answer most of your questions:

Yes this is a sequel to Leave Me Alpha, but you don't have to read the first book. Okay fine you might want to read the last chapter.

I had another Ide for this sequel as well, that was call Ethan Hayes.( if you check my twitter) but then I had another idea, for this book. And I wanted to try this one out. And I did.

So you will not have to read the Alpha Series, for this book. It is a stand alone book.

The reason why,is because the Alpha Series was getting to long. I only want to have 6 books in a series.

I am proud of myself, for completing all my books. Yes I know, I'm awesome. ( thank you so much for this lovely award)

I just want to let you know that this book will be a short story!
All the books in the series(which I haven't come up with an idea for) will be short stories. So like 20 chapters? 19 chapters? Just wanted to let you know, because when the book does come to an end, you don't keep on asking. Not that I mind, sometimes.


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I want to know what you think about it.

So please do vote and comment.

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