Chapter 7

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Its the day of the wedding and I don't have a dress to wear. So. I decide to I go to the mall and buy a new one. A really cute but sexy one. I walk into this huge plaza and head for Forever 21.

"Dear God.. What. Is.. This?" I ask myself as I look at most of the clothes on the racks. I don't think this store is for me. I tell myself as I leave the store and head to a more mature clothing department. "Ah! More like it!" I say walking over to the rack with tight black dresses. "Izzy?" I hear a man call me. I turn towards to voice to see the one and only Mat. I stare at him for a while as he walks up to me.

"Aren't you going to say hi? I haven't seen you in a week. You've been M.I.A. what's up with that? Is it cause of those things I said? If so I'm so sorry Izzy...." His words become a blur to me, why? Why is it that I can't talk to him. He pulls me into a quick hug then pulls away and looks at me. "Izzy.. You okay?" He asks. I take a step away from him. "I'm just fine." Is all I say before I go back to another rack leaving him alone.

His eyebrows knit in confusion and he walks up to me. "Can you tell me what's going on? I really want to know." He says raising his voice a bit, getting some women's attention. He grabs my arm tightly. "Izzy." His voice highers. I pull away. "You should be happy I'm out of your hair, isn't that what you've wanted since we broke up? For me to leave you alone." I tell him. He frowns and shakes his head. "I've never thought that." He says. I look into his blue green eyes.

"I just don't need you anymore Mat. And you can live your life happily. And fuck as many girls as you want, just like you've always wanted." A lot of shoppers have secretly stopped to listen to our conversation. "Look. Izzy. You don't know what you're saying, you're being delusional." He says. I hear women around the small store saying.

"Oh no he didn't","did he just say that?" ," booooy?" ,"oh uh uh.. He needs to go." He's pissing me off. "Delusional!? I'm delusional!?" I take a step forward. "Mat.. You don't need to be in my life anymore. So stop trying to force in puzzle pieces that don't belong." I tell him. He looks mad now. "But I was your puzzle. We used to be each others puzzle pieces. We're friends remember?" He asks. I cross my arms.

"Yeah.. We used to be each others puzzle. But I've found myself a new puzzle now. And your pieces have nothing to do with the picture that is trying to be made. Your pieces don't fit period .. So stop tying." I tell him. He bites his lip and runs his fingers through his hair furiously. "Are you trying to tell me that you've found another man?" I look at him pretending to be shocked. "Oh my gosh! You've figured it out!" I say before looking back at the racks.

He walks closer to me. "Well. Maybe you should tell him that you're unfuckable" he says in a mad tone. I turn and smack him in the face. He leaves his face turned, as if trying to think about what just happened. You just got bitch slapped what else is there to think about? "Fuck you Mat." I say extremely pissed off now. He finally looks at me as he touches his left cheek. "You want me to leave you alone? Fine. But don't come crawling back to me." He says turning to leave.

I don't say anything, because I can care less about what he says or does. Once he's finally gone there's a lot of cheering in the store.

"Oh my God. You are so amazing girl." A lady says to me. I smile. "Thank you." I say, not really feeling like I've done something right. I just lost my only friend.



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