Turning around to face him, I smiled and nodded. "I think a house would be better suited for newly weds don't you?"

He laughed and kiss my lips, every so tenderly sending electricity to every part of my body. He took my hand in his and we walk towards the entrance to the apartment, leaving after thanking the man for allowing us to the see the apartment.

By three, we were driving down a tree lined paved road. There were many homes on this road, all beautifullly built. Some where red and brown bricked, others were very old but looked newly renovated and some were wooden.

"Wow," I whispered as we passed the homes.

"Nice, huh?" Levi asked softly.

I turned to face him and smirk coming over my face. "Baby, 'nice' is totally down playing it. This is absolutly spectacular. We're not in kansas anymore, Todo."

He laughed as we pulled into a round about stone driveway, pulling behind a black audi. My eyes nearly popped out of my head as I looked up at it. Levi turn off the car and got out. I stepped out of the car in a stupor, falling in love with the beautiful home. 

"Oh, Levi," I said breathless as I stared up at the beautiful home, "I think this is it. I know this is it and I haven't even seen the inside of it."

We walked up the stone drive way to the front door as it opened. A blonde haired, blue eyed, fair skinned, rose cheeked woman stood in the doorway. She was in a black pant suit and looked no older than Levi and I. I instantly felt insecure but didn't let her looks or the way she was looking at Levi bother me. The man was mine.

"Hi!" she exclaimed holding out a hand for both Levi and I to shake as we returned her greeting. "Welcome to Denny Blaine. How do you like Seattle so far?"

I walked up the small set of stairs, farther into the  foyer with cedar wood flooring, and glass panel double doors that led to the backyards. Turning to look at her, I ran my finger tips along the small round table that had a vase with flowers on the red oriental rug. "We love it. It's beautiful. A little cloudy but nothing we can't adjust to. This is a beautiful home," I said in reply. Levi'd disappeared into the small family room to the left of the stairs but to the right of the foyer if your back was to the door.

"Yes, that it is," she nodded in agreement smiling softly.

"How many bedrooms and baths is it?" I asked walking toward the family room, where Levi was looking out the window.

"Seven bedroom, five in a half baths," she answered nonchalantly.

"Wait, what?" I said, both Levi and I whipping our heads to look at her. "Come again."

"Seven bedroom, five in a half baths," she repeated a small knowing smile, "It's a lot of rooms but there really is only three true bedrooms, the other four are living space. There is a wine cellar, two family rooms, a literal walk in closet that is basically another room, and a small library. There is also two eating areas, a formal and then everyday dining room both with ceiling to floor panel windows. There's a patio with colonial style columns and a long pool with a statue in the middle facing the lake. It's a nice size if you want to expand the pool to make it deeper or if you have children, you can put swings in. The kitchen is open and there are three fireplaces. There truly is so much that you could do with this beautiful home."

I let out a deep breath and looked at Levi who popped his eyebrows twice smirking at me, making me laugh. He was just as excited about this house as I was. I loved that.

I turned back to the realtor. "Are you a native of the area?"

She nodded. "That I am."

"How long does it take to get to Safeco Field?" I asked.

"The baseball the Mariners play at? About thirteen minutes if you take the E Cherry Street route."

"And from Washington State University?"

"Same. All of this, of course, if traffic is flowing well."

I smiled at Levi, who bent down as if praising me and I courtsey'd in response before laughing. He came over to me and wrapped an arm around my waist as I put an arm around his. "Last question, how much? Both the monthly bill and actual house cost?"

"Monthly it's just under twenty thousand, the house costs a little over five million. Five million seventy-five thousand five hundred."

I took in a breath. My god, that's a lot, was all I could think but Levi just pulled me closer. "We'll take it," he said I snapped my head up at him.

"What? Levi," I hissed softly, "We ain't got that kinda money in the bank."

He chuckled at my music reference. "Baby, trust me, we can afford it."

I cocked my eyebrow. "What do you mean? Levi Hunter Miller, what are you not telling me?"

"I'm not hiding anything if that's what you mean," he said smirking, "I do think I might have forgotten to tell you something though."

"And that is?"

"I got a very hefty signing bonus."

I turned to look at the realtor. "Um, could we have a moment. We'll be right back." She nodded and I grabbed Levi's hand walking out of the living room into the foyer and out the glass paneled double doors. Closing them behind us, I turned to look at him.

"Now," I said a hand on my hip, "What do you mean heft signing bonus?"

He smirked. "3.5 million. That's what I mean. I signed on to make 8 million a year for three years."

My mouth dropped, my arm fell from my hip and my knees felt weak. "What the—," I began but caught myself and tried to recover. I blinked a few times before responding. "Well, I guess being left handed and being the second overall pick was beneficial, right?"

Levi laughed heartily as he pulled me into his arms grinning down at me. "Yeah, I guess so," he replied before kissing me. "Let's go buy us a dream home."

Author's Note: Let me just say I think I changed Levi's signing bonus a million times lol. It was so hard to make it reasonable and not over kill hahaha but I did look up and some MLB Rookies get just that much if not a little more depending on how high the are in the draft pick. Clayton Kershaw of the LA dodgers got a 2.3 million signing bonus to sign with them as a rookie in 2006 and he was seventh overall in the first round and then Zach Lee, also with the dodger got a 5.25 million signing bonus in 2010 after being picked first overall in the draft. So I could've gone higher but I think that 3.5 million as a signing bonus for him being a left handed pitcher and second overall was reasonable and not over kill. Then trying to talk about places in Seattle, somewhere I've never been in my life, was hard too.

P.S. anyone from Seattle if anything I wrote here is wrong in regards blame google. :) and tell me so i can fix it.

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