[ v : in which he takes her to a bar ]

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I really really hate him. A lot. Honestly I really hadn't been expecting him to freaking kiss me. As I feebly struggled out of his grip, I realized his hands were starting to wander. Now I was mad. "Seth.." I muttered against his lips before wrapping my arms around his neck. I felt his smirk playing against my lips and decided now was a good time. I ran my nails slowly along his neck and started tickling him. He pulled back and started half choking. I snickered and smiled icily. "Next time, Seth, know the player before you play the game," I said.

He growled before quickly wrapping his arms around my waist. "Kitten, I'm the player here remember?"

I sneered at him. "Don't make me tickle you," I said in a low warning tone.

He smirked. "You wouldn't dare, Skyler,"

I stiffened then glared at him angrily. "You're starting to push it too far." I stated coldly. "Shut up."

 He just smiled and kept his arm around me.

I growled. "Okay, you asked for it," I muttered under my breath. Taking a quick glance around I saw no one was paying any attention to us. Not even the teacher. Huh. Guess Seth did this often. I looked at Seth directly in his eyes and gave him a sweet, innocent smile before raising my fist up and punching him in his eye.

"Why you little-" he said before he withdrew his arm to nurse his eye.

I smiled sweetly at him. "You may be the player, but I made this game," I said.

He muttered some curses under his breath before he turned to stare aimlessly out the window.

I smiled in spite of how irritated I was. I just gotten the better of Seth Parkers. Sweet! Well..at least, for now.  I glanced at him and saw he was staring at me. "Do you want something?" I asked.

He smirked. "Yeah," he said.

"And don't you dare say some cheesy thing like 'I want you'," I said then immediately regretted it.

He grinned. "Oh kitten, if you want me, you just had to ask,"

"I want you alright. I want you out of my life."

"Oh you don't have to mask your feelings for me kitten. I know you like me,"

"You wish."

"How about a kiss?"

"What that fuck? Where did that come from??"

"From me knowing you want to kiss me,"

"NO I DON'T! You are an annoying arrogant bastard why the hell would I want to kiss YOU?!"

"Every girl does."

"WELL I'M N-" I got cut off as the teacher cleared her throat and glared at me.

"Ms.Sterling, any reason you're standing up and yelling?" she asked.

"Seth is annoying me," I sounded like a kindergartner but I really didn't care. He was irritating me to no end.

She sighed tiredly and turned to Seth. "Mr.Parkers are you annoying her?" she asked.

Seth looked at her innocently. "Why would I do that?" he asked sounding shocked.

My blood started boiling. He did NOT just say that! "You-" I spat out angrily.

My art teacher, whose name I couldn't remember for the life of me, stared at me then closed her eyes and rubbed her head. "Okay," she said finally. "Ms.Sterling, please stop disturbing the class, and Mr.Parkers.. stop annoying Ms.Sterling," she finished in a way that indicated she didn't believe he was annoying me. Ugh. Today was seriously not my day..

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