Cleaning Day

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You groan as shrill calls from your alarm stir you from the wonderful dream you had been having. Grudgingly you roll over, slamming your fist into the small black box.

You lay in bed for several moments staring off into space before finally deciding to sit up. Why had your alarm gone off extra early today? Today was cleaning day.

Carefully you threw your legs off the bed, followed by the rest of your body. You pick your way through your room and throw open the window.

As soon as you did so you heard a familiar whining from the small black cat who was still laying in a bundle on the bed.

"(Y/n).... Close the window..." Kuro whimpered, burring his face into the blankets.

You sigh, deciding to ignore the vampire's pleads to darken the room again and quickly pick out clothes.

Within a few minutes you had completely prepared yourself for the day, and began searching for the mop and broom.

In the mean time Kuro had barely managed to drag himself from the bed to the couch, muttering about how difficult his life was.

Without any further a due you started your cleaning, sweeping up your filthy floors while picking up the trash that Kuro had left lying around everywhere.

"(Y/n)! Come cuddle....!" Kuro called lazily, waving his tiny cat arms in the air limply.

You huff, "Kuro, its cleaning day! That means I need to clean!" You sigh, slightly annoyed by the lazy vampire.

Kuro whined in protest, but quickly got over it and fell asleep, leaving you to continue with your chores.

After picking up and sweeping you moved to mopping and dusting. Time passed and pretty soon Kuro was back to pestering you.

"(Y/n)...." Kuro whined, pulling slightly at the leg of your pants.

You sigh, looking down at the tiny black cat who lazily stared back at you. "Kuro, I told you, I need to clean the house!" You sigh, bending over and gently patting the cats head.

Kuro pouted, "how troublesome...." He muttered, angrily dragging himself away.

You felt kind of bad for completely rejecting the lazy vampire's attempts at affection, but you needed to finish cleaning the house, knowing all to well that if you got distracted now, the house would never be clean.

You shrug it off and continue with your work, humming a tune to yourself as you went.


It was evening by the time you finally finished with your cleaning, your house now looking amazing.

Grinning at your hard work you walk over to the couch to find Kuro, but he was no where to be found.

"Kuro?" You call, but don't see the cat (or the bluenette boy for that matter) anywhere. "Strange..." You mumble to yourself. Usually Kuro was too lazy to move from the bed to the couch, let alone find a hiding spot.

You let out a sigh and decide to make dinner in hopes of drawing out the lazy boy.

You quickly dig out some instant ramen and start to prepare it when you felt arms wrap around you, pulling you into a right hug.

You giggle a little, "I was wondering where you went!" You say, pressing your head against Kuro's chest.

Now that he was in human form you could better make out the small pout resting on the boy's face.

"Come cuddle with me..." He mumbled, nuzzling his face into your neck, his voice more demanding the whiney.

"Fine." You sigh. Suddenly Kuro scooped you up, carrying you over to the couch and setting you down before laying next to you and pulling you into his chest.

You giggle, nuzzling his chest. "You really just wanted to cuddle with me huh?" You ask, looking up at the vampire before realizing he was asleep.

You sigh, "lazy cat...." You mumble, a smile passing onto your lips before you to fell asleep.

A/N: pretty cliché.... Oh well~ thank you so much for reading my book~ hopefully you enjoyed it~! I will continue this book based on how many people accurately read it or if people want me to continue it. In the mean time, happy reading~

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