v. coffee jammies

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"Tina? You in here?" Indie hummed quietly as she opened the door to their dorm room. She snuck in, deciding to keep the light off and not disturb Tina if she was sleeping. She bit down on her tongue when she rammed her hip into the corner of Tina's wooden desk. She gathered herself, curling her toes and squeezing her eyes shut in pain.

"You do that every night after your shift," Tina giggled, her face lit up by the dim lighting of her computer screen.

"We seriously need to rearrange this room," she argued as she wandered over to her bed, resting her bag in the bowl of her desk chair before taking a seat on her bed. "We can get the boys to come help, right?" She asked.

"We don't exactly have that many options, Indie," she laughed. "How was work?"

"If I figured out a way to make the room work better, would you be down to helping me make it happen?" Indie quizzed her roommate as she pulled her boots off, along with the fun printed socks. She tossed the socks in the basket and tucked the boots under the bed like she had so many times before.

"Sure," she nodded. "How was work?" She asked again.

"I'll tell you in a second," Indie promised as she pulled her shirt out of her shorts and began unbuttoning it. "Did you see my pajama shirt around here?" She asked, feeling around her messy sheets for the white cotton shirt with the printed coffee cup on it.

"Coffee is my lover one?" Tina asked and set her computer to the side, getting up to join her in the search for the shirt.

"That'd be the one," she nodded and groaned, getting on her knees to peak under the bed skirt for it. "I had it on this morning. How could it go missing that fast?"

"You do lose things," Tina laughed, climbing up on her bed. She lifted the comforter up from the black sheets and let it fly in the air for a second when the white shirt and matching pink shorts fell out from underneath it. "There we go," Tina hummed, kicking them out for Indie's view to find.

"Thank you," she laughed and opened the shirt up, pulling it on over her head after taking the shirt that had caused so much trouble throughout the day off. "Did you call Louis?" She asked as she tossed her clothes into the dirty laundry and jumped up and down, trying to wiggle her way into the matching shorts with small coffee cups printed on them.

"I did," Tina nodded as she knotted her messy bun again, finding her spot back in bed.

"And?" Indie asked, walking over to the shared dresser to grab a make-up wipe from the pouch. She brushed her brunette hair over her shoulders, the bobby pins already having come out when she walked into the building and was now just laying naturally behind her shoulders. She turned to face her friend as she brought the wipe to her face, wiping what little make-up she had worn for the day off.

"And what?" She quizzed as she scooted closer to the wall and allowed Indie to climb in with her. "We're going out on Friday, as planned and since it was your idea, you need to keep your promise and help me get ready."

"Of course," she nodded. "Are you excited?"

"I mean, I guess," she shrugged. "I don't know. I'm not going to get all wigged out because I'm going on some date with a guy who I've known for three years and finally got asked out. I'm not turning into one of those gross movies that amplify everything until it's almost so fake that it's unrealistic."

"Almost?" Indie laughed.

"Okay, it's really unrealistic," she shook her head. "I'm just excited to be able to go to dinner with him. I'm not going to be a crazy person over it."

"You know, I think that's one of his favorite things about you," she nudged her, prolonging the conversation about work. She knew she could keep Harry a secret but River would eventually let the cat out of the bag and Tina would be furious Indie hadn't told her in the first place. Besides that, it was hard for her to keep it from her best friends, especially when she needs someone that didn't have the mind of a five-year-old to talk to.

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