34. Tan Legged Juliet

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A/N: Surprise update! Still on vacay, supposed to be spending family time, but I couldn't help it

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A/N: Surprise update! Still on vacay, supposed to be spending family time, but I couldn't help it. I'm so impressed with myself for writing this on my phone, I'd didn't know I had the patience. Formatting was a bitch though.

"Oh my God, Layla please, just go to sleep," I moaned, burying my face deeper into the pillow. "You suck at life enough without taking advice from Drunk Buck."

But I really wanted to go see Jake.

I wasn't sure what I wanted with him, but at the very least, I owed him an apology and an explanation for leaving him hanging earlier, right?

"Sleep on it," I told myself. "You're near delusional from lack of sleep, angry, and thoroughly confused. Whatever decision you make right now, is the wrong one."

But at three in the morning, I left the house anyway.


Beaudry's closed their gates for the night at ten o'clock. I always thought the fifteen foot fences were overkill, but knowing what I now knew about Electra, it made sense. But it was a bit like locking the stable doors after the horse had bolted wasn't it? The thought made me sad for Carson Beaudry.

Well, I hope he's as sympathetic to your plight when you're arrested for trespassing.

Before I could talk myself out of it, I leaned my bike against the fence and rubbed my hands together. A running start got me about five feet off the ground, making me feel real good about myself as I climbed upward.

I was straddling the fence at the top when my phone rang. Peyton.

I snorted. That was either the longest shower in the history of all mankind, or he was finally done tending to Alice and her needs and had time for good ol' Layla.

"Nope." I punched the decline button and slipped the phone back into my pocket.

And sitting there at the top of the world - or at least fifteen feet off the ground - I made my decision. I was done being an indecisive girl who let life happen to her. I was going to become a take-charge woman who took what she wanted. Buck was right, you're only young once, and if mistakes were going to be made, better now than later.

"That's right, someone's having sex with me," I mumbled to myself. "Jake or Peyton, one or both y'all are screwing me before the summer's over."

Preferably both, because I'm pimp like that.


Oh my God, shut up, you're insane.

Carefully, I made my way down the other side of the fence, and jumped the last five feet. This time, I landed with all the grace of a panther.

What a shame it was that Jake wasn't there to see me when I did it right.

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